--[Set click mapping]- button does not

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--[Set click mapping]- button does not

Postby bill777 » Tue Oct 26, 2010 3:44 pm

Cannot set preferences, FF3.6.11, Linux Mint8
for exmaple

B2T preferences,
B2T Options
[Click map]
set right-click on 1st line to 'page down'
& attempt to
----[Set click mapping]-----------
(the button at top of frame seems not to function)

.........NOWT happens
..........alternate preferences are not saved

Any suggestions?

Re: --[Set click mapping]- button does not

Postby bill777 » Tue Oct 26, 2010 4:59 pm

Please add to B2t Preference panel &/or to documentation:
:arrow: "To save preferences, use keyboard Return"

General moan. Oh, for some documentation. :roll:
Why, why do people think that GraphicalUserInterfaces are self-explanatory? Who told them that?
I suppose it's because they codded the thing, and they already know how it works, so no need to tell any one else, is there?
But it's GUI, not ESP.

The preferences can easily be saved, but the -[set click mapping]- 'button' is not a button, but a non-functional layout that just looks like a button
(Why??, ...why? )-:

The unstated trick is to take your hand off the mouse (that you are using to select from the mouse-based drop-down menus),
move your hand way over to the keyboard (which you were not using at the time), and press the 'return' on the keyboard (which you were not using, because you were right-clicking the mouse).
Then the preferences stick.
Just to (X) the pref panel will not work, even if you click the 'set' non-button first.

Obvious, I suppose.
Not. :mrgreen:


However, although I have now succeeded in getting the preferences to stick, they don't work as expected.

I have the up 't' right-click reset to go up a page; instead it moves to foot of page :lol:
(& pro with down-t, r-click set to go down a page, instead goes to head of page). Very contrary.

Some websearch tells me this might be a post- 3.5.3 FF problem in context of Linux (I'm using Mint 8 8) ), with some involvement of
"'FF preferences->advanced->general->accessibility->always use cursor keys.."
However, my up-page/down-page keyboard keys work fine, so it isn't exactly the same problem.

:?: So, any further suggestion or way around ?
If B2t could generate the same code as my keyboard pgUp/pgDn, all would be well.
Or should it be taken up to FF devs or Linux people?

Re: --[Set click mapping]- button does not

Postby cbaker_admin » Wed Oct 27, 2010 4:52 pm

First, a little background about BackToTop. It was the first Firefox extension I ever wrote (2005) and I have learned quite a bit since then. For instance, now all my extensions contain built-in help files to document nearly every function. They also compensate for the Mac/Linux problem of not displaying 'OK' and 'Cancel' buttons in dialog boxes. One day when time permits, I will re-write B2T and bring it up to date.

That being said, let me address each of your concerns. I agree, the "Set click mapping" caption does indeed look like it could be a button. Especially when there are no real buttons immediately available for comparison. There is a Fx preference that you can set to fix this (see the "browser.preferences.instantApply" preference in about:config on this page), but I would prefer to the extension to supply the buttons.

I can't tell you why your scroll-up/scroll-down settings are backwards. B2T uses the native Firefox commands to perform these functions:
Code: Select all
function b2tDoClick(click){
   //Click =    0: Top of document
   //         1: Bottom of document
   //         2: Page up
   //         3: Page down
   //         4: Line up
   //         5: Line down
      case 0:goDoCommand('cmd_scrollTop'); break;
      case 1:goDoCommand('cmd_scrollBottom'); break;
      case 2:goDoCommand('cmd_scrollPageUp'); break;
      case 3:goDoCommand('cmd_scrollPageDown'); break;
      case 4:goDoCommand('cmd_scrollLineUp'); break;   
      case 5:goDoCommand('cmd_scrollLineDown'); break;
      case 6:; break;
(The functions 'cmd_scrollPageDown', etc. are defined by Firefox, not B2T. But I'm not sure if it's a Fx dev or Linux people issue.)
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