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Back To The Top "floating" icons suggestions

Postby tabbykitty » Mon Apr 04, 2011 8:21 am

Hi Chuck

I have a suggestion for you in order to add another aspect to this one.

I find that i dont like to move my mouse around too much so i tend to right-click a lot AND i use my scroll wheel 99% of the time to scroll and very rarely use the scroll bar or scroll bar arrows. So if there could be some kind of "floating" icons in the style of a paging system
(e.g.<< < > >> but vertical) that could perhaps sit in a div and remain fixed either where you drag it to, or something like that, that would also obviously not scroll when you did, and also you could have the ablility to switch it's visibility on and off, then wouldn't it be far more intuitive and use less mouse movement than moving your mouse to a add-on bar or toolbar button or the scroll bar button arrows (I have seen a suggestion already for that). It seems to me that it would then be extremely handy and especially useful to page up or down (< >) if the user also has Autopager installed (like i do). The user could then click the top or bottom icons (<< >>) to go all the way to the top. I quickly knocked up an image (very crudely done, without all the icons and the arrows are a bit big but i hope that you get the idea).

If the user has the ability to be able to move the icons wherever they liked, then they could still have them very handy without getting in the way of what they were reading. And/or, you could use a click event to allow the user to hide/show them whenever they are needed e.g. middle click to show them, middle click to hide them again (especially usefull for people who have their finger on the wheel anyway like me) I know that i would be delighted if you implemented something like this and would probably use this all the time without hiding them.

I am very happy with the add-on the way it is so don't get me wrong, just personally would love to have this functionality as an option as well :D

Does anyone else like this idea?

Here is sort of what i mean
to-top.jpg (27.04 KiB) Viewed 7289 times
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