beta OPIE & other questions

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beta OPIE & other questions

Postby jlyst » Wed Mar 16, 2011 12:23 am

I'm about to install the latest FEBE & CLEO beta's for FF4 RC, but I note that there's no beta OPIE.
Is that because it's not needed & will still work fine with FF4, or has OPIE's functionality been integrated into FEBE 7?

I want to use the latest FEBE/CLEO betas to grab all the add-ons currently installed (not necessarily their preferences, but that'd be preferred).
And then wrap them into a installable XPI! I will also back-up my bookmarks.

Then I want to totally ditch my current profile, and get FF4 RC to start afresh with a brand new profile.
Then I will install FEBE/CLEO, and run the XPI which will install all the add-ons I originally had!

Should I have no issues with doing all this?

Also it looks like TEBE dev. has stalled, is it worthwhile using it right now with TB 3.1.9?

Thank-you, some more donations on the way...
I have done so in the past but they were ony tiny amounts, & I think it was quite along time ago now.

Re: beta OPIE & other questions

Postby cbaker_admin » Wed Mar 16, 2011 5:45 am

I am currently working on OPIE 3.0 beta. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, I hope to release it by the end of this month (March, 2011). As with FEBE and CLEO, OPIE requires some fairly major re-coding due to the replacement of the nsIExtensionManager Interface in Gecko 1.9 with the Add-on Manager in Gecko 2.0. As you can imagine, all three extensions rely heavily on those interfaces to manipulate the Firefox add-ons. The Add-on Manager interface is brand new and has limited documentation. Learning its capabilities and implementation has been a lesson in patience and frustration.

I can't think of any issues you may have using FEBE/CLEO to move from Fx 3.6 to Fx 4RC other than the compatibility of your extensions. Are all your add-ons Fx 4 ready? Or do you plan on using something like MR Tech Toolkit to force compatibility? (Ironically, that extension itself is not available for Fx 4 but can be forced into installing by manually editing.)

TEBE has been a stable beta for a couple of years now. Other than some minor cosmetic changes, the current beta is ready for release. It's just a matter of finding the time to polish and submit it to AMO. Unless and until Thunderbird switches to Gecko 2, TEBE will most likely remain where it is (especially since Fx 5, 6, and 7 are planned to be released this year and I have no idea on how they will affect the FEBE/CLEO/OPIE code).
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Re: beta OPIE & other questions

Postby jlyst » Wed Mar 16, 2011 8:29 am

Thanks for the in-depth response, tis refreshing & appreciated.
Oh sweet, looking forward to playing with FEBE 7.x, CLEO 5.x, & OPIE 3.x betas soon!
Although I think I'll wait until at least 1mth after FF4 "final" is released.

Actually I found OPIE 1.2.3 just didn't recognize any of the add-ons I had installed in FF4 RC.
So instead I googled/bookmarked all my installed add-ons, backed-up my bookmarks, quit ff, & then ditched my profile (backed it up 1st).
I then relaunched FF (this created a brand new profile) & imported my backed-up bookmarks...

Then I opened links to all the add-ons I previously had installed in tabs, and manually downloaded/reinstalled most of them!
I left out 4 that I had installed in my previous profile, because I'm still questioning whether I need them.
Another 2 are beta (FEBE & CLEO), & 3 are not compatible & haven't been updated in ages, I'm yet to decide whether to install these 5.

I was able to retrieve some of FF original settings too using FF sync to send backed-up "preferences" to my fresh profile install.
(default is to merge what's new in profile to the sync server)
Most of my add-ons however, I've had to go through & manually reconfigure the way I like, and re-enter login details etc.
Biggest PIA's are noscript/flashblock, they don't remember any of the sites I've whitlelisted now, but no biggy.

Main thing now is that I'm in a fresh profile*, & it def. does feel a tiny bit more snappy, & so far less glitchy too!

Yeah TB generally doesn't evolve anywhere near as quickly as FF, so I can see why there's less of an emphasis on dev. for TEBE.
It will prolly be quite some time before there's another major TB release...
So if you feel the latest stable TEBE beta is basically release material, with only cosmetic touch-ups needed, then I'll use it as my TB BU solution.

Yeah I read about Mozilla's ambitious plans for FF going forward, do you reckon they'll reach their new lofty goals?
*edit* Latest news about their plans (18/03/11)... ... -cycle.ars
After I've had TEBE, FEBE 7.x, CLEO 5.x, & OPIE 3.x betas installed for a while, & if I'm happy with how things are, then I'll def. donate again!

*1wk prior I had just carried over from FF3 to FF4 with my original profile.
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Re: beta OPIE & other questions

Postby jlyst » Fri Mar 18, 2011 10:24 pm

yeah, so all's well that ends well!? :D

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