Tip to populate "Get Extension Info"

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Tip to populate "Get Extension Info"

Postby gggirlgeek » Thu Mar 15, 2012 8:56 am

Out of the blue today the addons wouldn't show up in the configuration tab when I pressed "Get Extension Info." So of course I went into Febe and Verified my Extension Directory -- no such luck this time!

I even tried uninstalling the annoying addons that install themselves (such as DivX) and restarting -- still giving me the cold shoulder.

Then, by accident I found the easiest solution. Close Firefox and go into the Profiles folder. Open OPIEedits.json in a notepad. Copy all the text. Paste it into a new blank text file. Close OPIEEdits.json and rename it or move it. Save the new text file as your new OPIEedits.json in the Profiles folder.

Open Firefox and, Voila! OPIE should work now.

You can even try deleting OPIEedits.json all together, but you may lose your custom extension strings.

I think the encoding in the .json file gets messed up or something. So a simple remake of the same file in plain text gets it straight. Just a theory.

Re: Tip to populate "Get Extension Info"

Postby Mr.Dead » Mon Aug 13, 2012 11:01 am

I'm going to bump this thread instead of opening a new one since my fault is identical to the one described by gggirlgeek.

The complaint is that OPIE will not populate the extension field in the Configure tab after the "Get extension info" button is clicked. After troubleshooting, it was determined that an uninstalled extension that had a custom root configuration with OPIE was the culprit. The fault is reproducible with any extension that requires a custom root configuration. For the purpose of reproducing the troubleshooting process, I will use Extension Options Menu due to its relative small size.

1. Create a new Firefox 14.0.1 profile and install Extension Options Menu 2.4 and OPIE 4.1. Restart Firefox.

2. Open OPIE and go to the Configure tab. Populate extensions field by clicking "Get extension info." Change the root for Extension Options Menu from "<unknown>" to "extensions.ExtensionOptionsMenu." The text is case-sensitive, and the root can be verified in about:config.

3. Exit OPIE, uninstall Extension Options Menu, and restart Firefox.

4. Run OPIE, go to the Configure tab, and attempt to populate extension field. The field will not populate. Exit OPIE and close Firefox.

5. Run Task Manager to ensure Firefox has closed. Open the profile folder that you created in step one. Find the .json file named "OPIEedits" and open with Notepad.

6. Delete preference "{"guid":"{1feca320-6b4d-11df-a08a-0800200c9a66}","newroot":"extensions.ExtensionOptionsMenu"}." Close and save OPIEedits.json.

7. Run Firefox, run OPIE and open the Configure tab, and populate the extension field. OPIE populates the extension field normally now.

Also, I concur with an older poster that OPIE should store extension root change preferences as a string in preferences.js instead of OPIEedits.json.

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