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TEBE Lives!

PostPosted: Fri Mar 23, 2012 12:29 pm
by spaceShot9

I am a long-time user of Chuck's fantastic addons for Firefox. More recently, I changed to Thunderbird and discovered TEBE. Equally fantastic. I was therefore distressed to see it languishing into disuse. We all understand that Chuck has a life outside of programming but it's just too darned good to let it go. I have experience writing addons so I decided that I should do something about it. I therefore present "TEBE Rejigged". I have restored TEBE to a functional state in the current versions of Thunderbird. I've had it running in TB 10 and, for the last day or so, 11. I've also brought across some additional functionality from FEBE that I felt was appropriate and would be useful. A summary is provided below. I've had it running for a week or so without seeing any major problems. I've run dozens of backups and quite a few restorations into a number of profiles, including to and from Everything seems to be behaving for me at present.

Internally, FEBE runs Chuck's code version 7 and TEBE was still at version 6. This is an incomplete update to internal version 7. Not all of the functionality in FEBE has a parallel in Thunderbird. Some functionality in FEBE that I would like to see in TEBE hasn't been ported across yet. I've done enough to get it working, hopefully reliably. Despite that, please be aware that there will be bugs. Features may not work for you or may cause crashes. That will hopefully be rare but the risk exists. I have not been able to test every possible combination of events/features/operating systems/TB versions. I'd like to get it out into the wild, now, so we can start the ball rolling for a release. I feel that it is now complete and reliable enough to be used by others willing to try it out and report their mileage. If you are comfortable dealing with these sorts of issues I would appreciate your participation to help test this version.

Summary of changes
-Restored and completed functionality
-Added summary report option
-The View Destination Directory option now works and displays in a tab in TB
-Reports are now viewed in a tab in TB
-Persona backup
[Yes, you can run Personas Plus in TB 10 and 11. You do need to hack the max. version number in install.rdf but it works just fine.]
-Added display of last backups
-Added options for backups on startup and shutdown
-Fixed Verify Extension Directory function
-Fixed Check Addon Manager Functionality function
-Appropriate changes to the options dialogue
-Updated the options Info pane
-Enabled restore from online backup functionality
-General code check, debug and update

From Chuck's "Known issues" list:
Some features disabled due to Bugs 239131 and 469203. These will be implemented when the bugs are resolved.
These seem fixed now. No limitations encountered.
- No username/password backup
Not looked at yet. Is it valid for TB?
- No interface
- No quick backup
Help files need editing
Not any more.

...and a myriad other little things.

If Chuck wishes to resume TEBE from here I will step down, happy to have been able to breath new life into it. If not, I'm willing to continue working on it to keep it alive and progressing. If you install TEBE, please report any problems you encounter in this thread. Please provide as much detail as possible including your OS, TB version, how to reproduce the problem and, importantly, any messages that appear in the Error Console. You can access the console from the Tools menu.

The xpi is attached. The board won't allow the xpi file type so I've zipped it. To install it, unzip the xpi and drag it onto the Addons Manager or use "Install Add-on From File" in the menu under the gear wheel icon next to the search box at the top right corner of the Addons Manager

Finally, thanks Chuck for the great work and the many thousands of hours you put into your extensions. I hope you approve.


UPDATE: 11/24/2014 - added download link for TEBE{beta(20120510_REJIG)}.zip

Re: TEBE Lives!

PostPosted: Fri Mar 23, 2012 1:20 pm
by spaceShot9
A list of features from FEBE that could possibly be ported to TEBE.

  • Options dialogue UI icons/wording/layout
  • What to backup
    • Backup type
      • Backup type - both
      • Additional items - Backup usernames and passwords (Maybe not?)
    • User-defined backups (Not sure how useful this would be)
    • Ignore List (Again, not sure)
  • Where to backup
    • View backup history
    • Clear backup history
  • How to backup
    • Warn about pending extension installs
    • Disable missed scheduled backup notification
  • Advanced
    • Tools
      • Export TEBE preferences
    • Miscellaneous
      • Message alert style
      • Chrome script timeout
    • Sounds (yep)
  • Locales (Should be able to port most phrases across from the existing FEBE translations)

2012/04/19 Everything in green is now done.

Re: TEBE Lives!

PostPosted: Fri Mar 23, 2012 3:48 pm
by cbaker_admin
For technical discussion and bug reports, please post in this thread.

Update: TEBE beta(20120331_REJIG)

PostPosted: Thu Apr 19, 2012 3:48 pm
by spaceShot9
TEBE beta(20120331_REJIG)

Attached is a new version which adds the script timeout option. For now, until I rework the GUI layout, you'll find it on the Options tab, bottom right. Please report your mileage. I'm unable to test it's effectiveness in resolving the timeout issue because I don't experience it but I can confirm that it makes the correct configuration adjustments.

I've also restored the welcome page and added a note regarding manually removing previous versions.

Update: TEBE beta(20120419_REJIG)

PostPosted: Thu Apr 19, 2012 4:07 pm
by spaceShot9
This update clears the list above with the exception of the locales, which I will do progressively. Some specific changes follow:

  • changed options to newer FEBE look and added all relevant functionality
  • added history display
  • added menu icon
  • changed box net upload text, menu and dlg
  • added UDBUs
  • BUG: UDBU not displayed when selecting 'edit'
  • added prefs import/export
  • BUG: "Hide information icons" doesn't hide 'em all
  • BUG: tebeAlert throws an uncaught exception when clearing prefs.

The change to the options dialogue is a major one and it's possible that things that were working in the previous version have been affected, due to the magnitude of the change. This now means that almost all of the code has been brought up to Chuck's internal version 7 (FEBE). Barring a few technicalities and some inherent differences between TB and FF, the code is the same. There is still some tidying up and double-checking to do and I'll get to that soon.

I also discovered some bugs that were pre-existing and fixed them along the way.

What's left now is the general clean-up and verification, and the locales. And plenty of testing, please.

Rename the xpi by removing the ".zip" before installing.

Update: TEBE beta(20120504_REJIG)

PostPosted: Fri May 04, 2012 1:45 pm
by spaceShot9
This update corrects some points raised by Chuck and a number of other items.

  • BUG: Fixed full profile backup using .fbu extension
  • BUG: Fixed the warning icon flashing after a scheduled backup.
  • Changed directory listings for backup directories to use the default file list.
  • BUG: Fixed "Unknown" backup type in backup history page.
  • Removed affiliate links.
  • BUG: Fixed failure to restore anything since adding prefs import/export.
  • Added an option to back up all address books, fixed the zip code so it works and reworded the existing address book options slightly.
  • Removed some stray debugging code. :-(
  • Removed some unused strings.
  • Removed some unused code.

Rename the xpi by removing the ".zip" before installing.

Update: TEBE beta(20120507_REJIG)

PostPosted: Mon May 07, 2012 2:41 am
by spaceShot9
This release fixes some niggling issues

  • -Text formatting
  • -Removed some more unused strings.
  • -BUG: On the backup report, personas without a description show "null"
  • -BUG: A newly created profile in the profile wizard can't be selected until you close and re-open it.
  • -Tooltips on the backup report icon legend don't pop up. TB doesn't seem to display the title attribute as a tooltip.
    Created CSS tooltips that reflect the main list ones. Made tebeBuildLegendTable() more efficient in the process.

Rename the xpi by removing the ".zip" before installing.

Update: TEBE beta(20120510_REJIG)

PostPosted: Thu May 10, 2012 2:15 pm
by spaceShot9
This release contains some minor changes and tidying up and adds more debug output.

  • Tweaked tebeHideHelpIcons() to avoid unnecessary cycles.
  • Removed some more unnecessary files.
  • Added dumps to most try/catch statements.

Rename the xpi by removing the ".zip" before installing.

Update: TEBE beta(20120516_REJIG)

PostPosted: Wed May 16, 2012 3:09 am
by spaceShot9
This release fixes a bug and adds some verification code from FEBE that had been missed.

  • Fixed a single spelling error.
  • BUG: tebeBuItemVerifiedList was undefined.
  • Added some verification code that I'd missed.

Rename the xpi by removing the ".zip" before installing.

Update: TEBE beta(20120604_REJIG)

PostPosted: Mon Jun 04, 2012 9:45 am
by spaceShot9
This release disables the previously enabled backup verification code which may have been problematic and fixes an exception and some items requested by the folks at Box.

  • Fixed an exception caused by not checking for the existence of a file before attempting to delete it.
  • Disabled all of the backup verification code.
  • API fixes.
  • The directory pref was hard-coded to "Tebe Backups". It now respects the user setting.

Rename the xpi by removing the ".zip" before installing.

Update: TEBE beta(20121225_REJIG)

PostPosted: Tue Dec 25, 2012 5:00 pm
by spaceShot9
A present from Santa. o<|:-{>

This release adds support for the new dictionary extension category and fixes some bugs.

  • Now handles the new Dictionaries extension category.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the correct calculation of the number of items processed on the results report.
  • Some additional tidying up.
  • Added Chinese (Simplified) translation.
  • Improved the description string.
  • Fixed a non-fatal exception thrown during quick backup.
  • Fixed some leftover febe text in boxnet code.
  • Fixed undefined version text on the info tab.
  • Stopped the quick backup dlg resizing when values with more then 2 digits were added to the "selected" field.
  • Stopped the quick backup dlg resizing when selecting "Create single xpi".
  • Fixed the quick backup count being wrong when using "Select All", due to personas not being included in the list.
  • Fixed the quick backup "Items listed" count continuously incrementing when pressing "Get List" repeatedly.

Rename the xpi by removing the ".zip" before installing.

Update: TEBE beta(20130106_REJIG)

PostPosted: Sun Jan 06, 2013 8:46 am
by spaceShot9
I added IMAP mail backup, as raised by carbuff76, in this version and did some more tidying and refining of the recently imported language files.

  • Added IMAP mail backup.
  • Made unzipping backups more error-tolerant.
  • Very minor tweak to UDBU button text.

IMAP and POP mail backup and restoration were successfully tested across all local and network vectors

Please Note
This update breaks compatibility with selective mail backups from 20121225 and earlier due to changes in preference and file names. Your can still restore earlier mail backup files manually but you will need to restore them BEFORE updating if you want to do so using TEBE. Other backup types are not affected. Full profile backups are not affected.

Alternatively, renaming your old mail backup file from mailMessages{<profile>}.tbu to popMail{<profile>}.tbu will restore it to working order.

All available languages are included in this update however be aware that none are fully translated (due to these changes). Chinese is very nearly complete and the others vary widely. They are included here in case anyone wants to test or add to them outside babelzilla. Anyone wishing to contribute on babelzilla can do so there, as well, and will receive TEBE karma for life. :-)

The list, for reference, is:

  • German de
  • Greek el
  • Spanish (Spain) es-ES
  • Finnish fi
  • French fr
  • Italian it
  • Dutch nl
  • Polish pl
  • Portuguese (Brazilian) pt-BR
  • Russian ru-RU
  • Slovak sk-SK
  • Swedish sv-SE
  • Chinese (Simplified)

Rename the xpi by removing the ".zip" before installing.