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More Toolbar Problems

Postby Apollo702 » Fri Feb 21, 2014 4:56 pm

I already have a 90% similar thread for this in FEBE and I am starting a fresh one here because the issue might be worse in TB(Actually I now mainly have switched to the FossaMail fork of it.) Of course if you want to merge them that is cool.

I also need to apologize for being so slow to follow up. I have either been out of town, sick or buried in other projects. That part is on me and I apologize. The issue that keeps coming up is I(and others that I am speaking for) can't get toolbars to correctly set up. Now in past years I was able to iron out old toolbar issues and weed out some buggy toolbars and 3rd party extensions. So that that problem should have been solved as the custom bars in both Palemoon and FossaMail are stable stable stable.

What we are attempting to do for both is clone setups but withhold sensitive data such as history, filled forms... in PM and entire profiles(sometimes with and without copying accounts) in TB/FM.

For PM and FEBE the issue has been it can't seem to copy the interface. When we go to set them back up it only comes with a bare setup. When I looked at the localstore.rdf file it could not possibly have contained all of the data. Where else could these things be stored? I can state that when we use FEBE or TEBE we are backing up both the extensions and all of the settings- so hopefully that should get that data too- hopefully- but apparently not. That also was assuming that the missing data was there at all. Could it be somewhere else?

For TEBE the issue of a selective and full backup is even worse- hence the fresh thread. See, if we copy entire profiles that only works if it is an identical profile for the the same account(s.) Now it may seem like a shortcut to just copy an entire old profile, delete the old account and set up a new account. On paper that would be a lightning fast way of setting up TB/FM- but it can go horribly wrong.

If the old account had a password it doesn't get deleted and then the new account will be rendered useless as it is looking for the non-existent password. Now, usually that can be fixed by setting up the old account again, and then deleting it yet one more time. Still, the UI utterly fails. So even with a (seemingly) complete profile backup something still is either missing or blocking it.

I very much want to fix this and if there is anything I can offer to help you I am all ears. If you want more information, copies of files, profiles?.... just name it.

Also I want to thank you in advance and hope that your 2014 is off to a good start! Thanks Chuck!

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