FEBE & CLEO Error on FFox startup

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FEBE & CLEO Error on FFox startup

Postby The Fisherman » Mon Jun 16, 2014 6:13 pm

I'm running Firefox 28.0, CLEO 6.2beta2 & FEBE 8.04 on Windows 7 Ultimate and get the following error on Firefox startup:

Code: Select all

Once you click off the message, FEBE works fine, but CLEO hangs at "Auto-Generate" and will not create the pack.
Luckily, I have all extensions as singles too. :wink:

Any ideas :?:


1. TNX for having me here :!:
2. Anyone know of a better pic host as Photobucket keeps running with script problems :?:
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Re: FEBE & CLEO Error on FFox startup

Postby cbaker_admin » Tue Jun 17, 2014 9:48 am

CLEO thinks you are running an older version of FEBE. Try running "Clear FEBE preferences" in FEBE Options > Advanced > Tools. This will reset all FEBE preferences include the version number.

When you say that CLEO hangs when clicking auto-generate, is the progress bar showing? If so, does it get to a certain point then stop? Depending on the number of extensions you are packing, it may take a minute or two.


FYI, FEBE now has most of the functionality of CLEO built-in (Tools > FEBE > Quick Backup). The only thing it doesn't do is create the information file (as is done with the "Auto-generate" function).

(BTW, you can upload images as attachments. See "Upload attachment" below the editor window when creating/replying to a post.)
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