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Re: TIRE introduction

Postby Troik » Sat Jul 16, 2016 5:39 pm

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Hello Chuck,

took your advice and moved this discussion to your forum.

What I would suggest on the TIRE homepage, would be a section with features yet to be implemented and known bugs. Should/If this extension grows beyond this group, it will help so that people don't repeat the same 3 requests/bugs over and over again.

Thank you, that will help a lot.

I've modified the TIRE homepage to include outstanding issues and the current version number. I've also added links to the support forum and homepage to the TIRE options page (version which is still pending publishing at the time of this writing).

Do you know in which interval Chrome is polling for updated extensions? 0.0.4 ist in the store, but I still have 0.0.3, but I'm sure it's not worth the hassle of removing/reinstalling it manually.

Lazarus showed an icon in input fields for various reasons. This would help to prevent people from using TIRE as a sort of Keylogger on other peoples machine ...
I've addressed this on the homepage. I'm a little reluctant to modify a page in such a way as to drastically change the appearance and/or the styling of the page. For ethical reasons, I believe no extension should interfere with the original page designer's work. That being said, I think I can add some unobtrusive styling to indicate which fields TIRE is processing. Perhaps changing the background color of the element would work.

to be clear here, when I'm talking about an Icon it could be something as unobtrusive as Image in the top right corner of the input field and of course only for the active input field.

I'm curious as to how you think people could use TIRE as a keylogger. Could you explain this?

Well, let's be honest, not everybody is a computer wizard, so if someone with questionable morals would install TIRE on their partners chrome browser and hid the icon from the toolbar, the partner might never know and the culprit could read all the captured text, e.g. Emails that weren't meant for this person. Technically a Keylogger is something else, but the purpose is to capture inputs from the user, which TIRE obviously does. To be clear, this is not a problem for me, I'm not using public computers and the machines I use, I use alone. But one of the original Lazarus developer mentioned it in the Google Group for TIRE and I just thought it made sense, and agree that people will try to use Tire that way. While this doesn't make you liable of course, you previously mentioned ethics and I think it might be something worth considering atleast.

Maybe I already broke it already, but I would be hoping that it picks up this very comment I'm writing right now, but that doesn't seem to be the case, but no worries, it's super early in development, I'll keep testing.
It appears to be working for me - mostly. As I'm writing this, the TIRE database is dutifully recording my updated text. I have noticed, however, that links and other styling (like quoting) are not appearing in the saved text. I'll have to check into that.

It seems to be working for me too, but please try to look into "clear storage", as I said, clicking that button seems to wipe the DB, you click on show storage and nothing comes up, but if TIRE captures another input, all the original data is there again, back to the very first input I captured yesterday.

Again, thank you :thumbup:

P.S. not sure if you want this in a separate sub-forum, but I'm sure you'll move it if needed.
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Re: TIRE introduction

Postby cbaker_admin » Tue Jul 19, 2016 3:11 pm

I've just published TIRE v0.0.0.5 and updated the homepage.

Please check to see if all the same issues you addressed above are still relevant.
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