Paste Email Plus's Practicality and Convenience

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Paste Email Plus's Practicality and Convenience

Postby Edenson21 » Tue Jan 19, 2010 7:20 pm

In this topic I will be comparing the practicality and convenience of Paste Email Plus and InFormEnter (
For Paste Email Plus you have to Right Click> Highlight Paste Email Plus> Choose the category> Choose item
For InFormEnter there is an enter-like icon near text box which you can click and simply enter the specified information. There's even an add text to profile button, colorized entered item option and a way of arranging the items in the order you desire.
What I would like is for the Paste Email Plus add on to incorporate the functions of the InFormEnter add on. Maybe even change the name to Paste Plus Enter.
I know this is asking a little too much but these to items combine would create the ultimate add on that would ease repetitive work.

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