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Feature Request...

Postby Scotty » Fri Sep 10, 2010 2:52 pm

Hi, great extension. I've recently converted back to Firefox from Chrome (still too buggy).

Chrome has a great extension called popchrom which allows you to insert canned text in textboxes and I've been looking for something similar in FF and PE+ seems to fit the bill (with more features I might ad!)

However, one thing I do miss about popchrome is the key triggers. In popchrome when you save your text block you assign a keyword. Then to use the text block you simply type the keyword in your textbox and hit the trigger, CTRL+SPACE (configurable).

PE+ doesn't seem to have this feature :(

Re: Feature Request...

Postby cbaker_admin » Sun Sep 12, 2010 8:42 am

I like that idea :D

My FEBE/CLEO/OPIE extension suite gets most of my development time these days, but I did put your suggestion in the PE+ todo list.
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