FEBE 10.4 does not back up extensions in Pale Moon 28.10.0

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FEBE 10.4 does not back up extensions in Pale Moon 28.10.0

Postby Seamaiden » Sat Jun 13, 2020 11:04 pm

FEBE isn't backing up any extensions. It creates the folder to put them in, but the folder it creates is always empty. No extensions get backed up. It has to be something in my FEBE preferences, which are attached below. What am I doing wrong? I'm working with FEBE 10.4 in Pale Moon 28.10.0 and Windows 8.1 Pro. For some reason, the attachment didn't attach. I'm going to try another way to get the preferences on here, even if I have to make a reply post.

My list of installed extensions and themes is here:

About Add-ons v1.4 (extension)
Active Stop Button v1.5.11 (extension)
Adblock Latitude v5.0.7 (extension)
Add Bookmark Helper v1.0.6 (extension)
Address Bar & Search Bar More Readable v1.0.0 (extension)
Aeromoon v2.6.0 (theme) (disabled)
Ambassador v1.3.0 (extension)
Autoplay Toggle (Non-Restartless) v1.0.1 (extension)
Bamboo Feed Reader v2.3.2 (extension)
Bookmarks Sidebar with Panels v1.1.0 (extension)
Bookmarks Toolbar More Visible v1.1.0 (extension) (disabled)
Browsepaper v1.2 (extension)
CLEO v10.0 (extension)
Camimoon v2.6.0 (theme) (disabled)
Classic Password Editor v1.1.2 (extension)
Color Identifier v1.1.0 (extension)
Color Picker & Converter v1.0.010 (extension)
Compact Moon Options v2.2.1 (extension)
Compact Moon v2.6.0 (theme) (disabled)
Complete YouTube Saver v5.7.36.1 (extension)
Config Comments v1.0 (extension)
Context Search X v0.4.6.26 (extension)
Cookie Masters v3.2.0 (extension)
CuteButtons v0.5.8 (extension)
Default v28.10.0 (theme) (disabled)
Downloads: Show in Window, Tab, or Sidebar v1.4.1 (extension)
Expose Noisy Tabs v1.1.1 (extension)
ExtExp v1.7 (extension)
Extended Statusbar v2.1.1 (extension)
Extension Conflict Troubleshooter v10.1 (extension)
Extension Preferences Menu v2.13.19 (extension)
FEBE v10.4 (extension)
Fierr v2.4 (extension)
FireFTP v2.0.32 (extension)
FireShot v0.98.95.2 (extension)
FoxClocks v4.2.3 (extension)
Google Translator for Pale Moon v2.0.0 (extension)
Home Styler v2.0.0 (extension)
Image Toolbox v1.0.2 (extension)
In The Dark (Bloodmoon Edition) v4.3b6 (theme) (disabled)
In The Dark v4.3b6 (theme) (disabled)
Inactive Tabs More Visible v1.1.0 (extension)
IsAdmin v2.5.2 (extension)
Kempelton Reloaded v5.7.0 (theme)
List This! v2.2.0 (extension)
LittleMoon v1.11.1 (theme) (disabled)
MagDown v2.24 (extension)
Master Password+ v1.30.8.2 (extension)
Microsoft Office v16.0.12325.20144 (plugin)
Moon Tester Tool v1.2.0 (extension)
MozArchiver v2.0.1 (extension)
New Tobin Paradigm v (theme) (disabled)
NewScrollbars (aka NoiaScrollbars) v1.2.8 (extension)
NoSquint v2.2.2 (extension)
Noia Moon Options v2.0.2 (extension)
Noia Moon v2.3.0 (theme) (disabled)
NoteStruck v1.0.4 (extension)
OPIE2 v10.0 (extension)
Open With Edge, IE, Chrome, and More v4.1.0 (extension)
Open about:config v1.2 (extension)
OpenDownload² v4.2.1 (extension)
PDF Viewer v2.3.233 (extension)
Pale Moon Classic v (theme) (disabled)
Pale Moon Commander v3.0.1 (extension)
Pale Moon v (theme) (disabled)
Password Backup Tool v1.2.1 (extension)
Password Manager Menu v1.1.1 (extension)
Paste Email Plus v10.0 (extension)
Phoenity Rebirth v2.6.0 (theme) (disabled)
Pure URL v2.4.3 (extension)
Responsive Bookmarks Toolbar v2.0.1 (extension)
Restart manager v2.07 (extension)
Royal Blue: #37567C/#FFFFFF v (theme) (disabled)
Save All Images v1.0.5 (extension)
Scroll To Top v4.5.5 (extension)
Sidebar Tools v1.2.0 (extension)
Silverlight Plug-In v5.1.50918.0 (plugin)
Smart Preview for Pale Moon forum v1.3.2 (extension)
Statusbar Organizer v2.1.0 (extension)
Tab Counter v1.04 (extension)
Tab Mix Plus v0.5.8.1 (extension)
Tangerinemoon v3.1.0 (theme) (disabled)
Tangomoon v3.1.0 (theme) (disabled)
The Good 'ol Sidebar v1.1.0 (extension)
Theme Builder v4.1.0 (extension)
Theme Maker v4.0.030 (extension)
Theme Styler v2.0.010 (extension)
Theme Tweaker v1.0.0 (extension)
TimerFox v2.4 (extension)
Toggle JavaScript [Enabled/Disabled] v1.2.2.010 (extension)
Toolbarize Menu Button v1.1.1 (extension)
Track Package v4.7 (extension)
Turbo Downloader v1.0.3.4 (extension)
VLC Web Plugin v3.0.3.0 (plugin)
View Source In Tab v1.0.3 (extension)
Walnutty v1.6.1 (theme) (disabled)
Werewolf v1.1 (extension)
Window Menu v1.1.7 (extension)

98 total, 78 extensions, 17 themes, 3 plugins
(3.01 KiB) Downloaded 33 times
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Re: FEBE 10.4 does not back up extensions in Pale Moon 28.10

Postby cbaker_admin » Mon Jun 15, 2020 1:11 pm

You say no extensions are being backed up. Are other items getting backed up (history, cookies, etc.)?

Does the backup appear to complete after running (e.g., The FEBE Results Report is displayed in a tab)? Are any errors listed in the report?

Try running FEBE Options > Where to backup > Backup destination directory > Check backup directory permissions. Do all tests pass?

Try running FEBE Options > Advanced > Tools > Set read/write permissions in backup folder. Do all tests pass?

Open the Browser console (CTRL-Shift-J), clear the console (by clicking the trashcan icon at the left top) and make sure the "JS" tab is selected. Run a backup. Are any errors listed (only concerned with errors, not warnings or log messages)?
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Re: FEBE 10.4 does not back up extensions in Pale Moon 28.10

Postby illiadnot » Tue Jun 30, 2020 12:48 am

just checked OK on PM 28.10.0 (64 bit) :)

It makes a loud BEEP and RED outline where to put your 'save folder' in!! :) so check that in case of 'all thumbs' :mrgreen: :lol:
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