CLEO enhancements requests

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CLEO enhancements requests

Postby Bob Hansen » Wed Oct 22, 2008 8:38 pm

I have four requests:

1. Could really use ability to remove files from a cleopack. Some files are no longer needed in a pack, originals may not be readily available to make a new pack without the unwanted file(s). I had made a cleopack but found out that two of the files were corrupted. I can add the corrected files, but now I have duplicate files in the cleopack, which will get installed? Would like to remove the bad ones or obsolete ones.

2. Another tool would be to be able to unpack the originals from the cleopack into a folder, similar to unzip function. This would allow a new pack to be made from the current one, but could remove unwanted or updated files in that manner.

This would also make it helpful to use with Thunderbird. Now I can make a cleopack of Thunderbird extensions, but cannot do anything with it. I cannot install into Thunderbird. If I could unpack, at least I would have all the files in one folder and could then do a manual install.

3. Would like the option to save commented lines when appending new files to a cleo pack. I do manual editing with notes after makiing the auto description. But when I add a few more files later, all my notes are gone and need to be rentered.

4. Would like to see the ability to install a cleopack into Thunderbird like I can do in Thunderbird.

Did I mention what a great tool this is? Great work, will really be complete with the enhancements above. :roll:

Thanks for listening.
Bob Hansen

Postby cbaker_admin » Thu Oct 23, 2008 1:32 pm

Did you realize that a cleopack (or any other .xpi file for that matter) is merely a renamed .zip file? As such, you can use any zip program to retrieve the contents. So if your cleopack contains outdated entries, simply unzip it into a temp folder, remove (or add) the appropriate extensions/themes and create a new cleopack. At this point, you could also open the old CLEO.cif file (with any text editor) and copy/paste your custom comments when creating the new cleopack. In a future release, I will try to include the option of appending or overwriting the description file.

A cleopack can be installed in Thunderbird the same way any other extension/theme is installed. Go to Tools > Add-ons > Install... and navigate to the cleopack. If the cleopack contains extensions that are not Tb extensions, they will be ignored during the install. The same works for Fx. If you wanted to, you could create a single cleopack for all your favorite Firefox and Thunderbird extensions. When installing into either app, incompatible ones will be ignored (probably with some warning message).
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Postby Bob Hansen » Thu Oct 23, 2008 7:51 pm

Thanks Chuck

No I did not know that Cleopacks were renamed zip files. That is good to know and solves that problem. Would still be good to be able to select for removal from the cleopack manager window, but at least you have provided a workaround.

My experiences with using Cleopack with Thunderbird did not perform as expected. I tried it a few times some months ago, don't recall the error message(s), and never tried it again. I will try to do it again.

The option to append the comments file would be good. Thanks again.
Bob Hansen

Postby Bob Hansen » Mon Mar 23, 2009 7:37 pm

Same enhancement requests.

Making an XPI with CLEO is not accepted in Tbird. Do I need to install FEBE and/or CLEO in Tbird first?

Any update on TEBE?
Bob Hansen

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