Flock-specific extension for all settings

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Flock-specific extension for all settings

Postby jaseinatl » Mon Jun 15, 2009 8:26 pm

I have been a longtime fan of FEBE and OPIE and though they both work for Flock (the single best browser ever), I would love to have a specific extensions that would backup my account settings for flock.

Flock keeps track of nearly 20 different account settings for me and it makes them all super easy to access--but not easy to backup or migrate. Sure, I can set them up again and then use FEBE or OPIE to install my extensions, but a separate extension, say FLAB-E (grin) could be for FLockAccountBackup-Extension.

Sure, Flock is not the trimmest browser in the world, but it's by far the best in my opinion (and a lot of others who blog, have social lives, use e-mail, etc.)

Also, the ability to add a flock Account to a website would be a great extension and I figure since your extensions are so great, maybe you could work it out for us. Just a wish...

Thanks for the great extensions and for the forum. Keep up the good work and give Flock a try--it's addictive.


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