A Badly Needed Toolbar Fix

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A Badly Needed Toolbar Fix

Postby Apollo702 » Tue May 22, 2012 8:19 am

The endless fix of Firefox continues. :cry: At the moment I have the catastrophically bad 12 installed and I am working back to 3.6 starting with .28 and working my way backwards to see if there is anything in the code that they inserted to cause so much chaos. One of the chief problems is that FF simply refuses to remember custom toolbars! You set them up and then the instant you restart KABOOOM!!! They get blown up! Would you issue a patch for this? You know how to program and Mozilla doesn't. It is that simple. We need someone like you- who has it together- who can help save Firefox! As-is Mozilla is suicidal.
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Re: A Badly Needed Toolbar Fix

Postby Apollo702 » Thu Jul 11, 2013 2:23 am

Re: A Badly Needed Toolbar Fix

I created this thread 1000 years ago and this time I am going to post solutions in case anybody ever has that problem.

It turns out that the cause of custom toolbar destruction are buggy add-ons and add-ons with toolbars. If they are both then look out!

In order to prevent this problem think twice about including any 3rd party toolbars into your setup. Virtually every darn one of them is seriously flawed and they are going to cause problems- and the developers simply don't care. Contacting them is useless because they are set on doing what they are going to do. End of story!

Also, when installing software
ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS do custom installs. The problem is the public has gotten so accustomed to getting free stuff that software makers are desperate to make a living and that often times means including junk with the install. Hardware makers have the same issue and that is why brand name computers tend to be loaded up with pre-installed junk. The public bears some of the blame for this as they ruthlessly go buy elsewhere if they can find it for 2 cents less. The net result is profit has been driven out, jobs shipped overseas, customer service wiped out and junk inclusion. A better business model is Apple. They aren't afraid to charge $$$$. They have 5% of the PC market and make more than the rest of the industry combined.... This also is the same reason for all of the online spying. The current "freemium" model means give services away at massive losses. Take on investors and build such a buzz that... well... ummm... What happens is the public is so used to gettting something for nothing that when they do try to raise a paywall or place ads they feel tricked. Unlike with Apple they devalued their services into oblivion so now they have no choice but to make money invisibly. The bottom line is the public would be well served to consider paying up front. When installing free stuff do the custom installs and carefully vet everything that gets put on your machine!

When it comes to add-ons I already covered the ones with toolbars. The next category that are going to be the buggiest are the ones with icons that attempt to place themselves. If you attempt to customize it and the next time you restart your browser it has reset itself you know you have a troublemaker. What happens is it can disrupt your entire setup.

Your toolbar setup is stored in the localstore.rdf section of your profile. Users would be well advised to periodically back this up. I initially thought that there was something wrong with how the file was set up. I was wrong. It is the buggy add-ons and toolbars blowing it up. If it gets corrupted it probably is shot and users often times will have to delete the file, rebuild their setups and the browser will automatically regenerate the file.

Most users aren't very adventurous and they only run a small number of add-ons so they probably don't have custom toolbars getting wrecked. However, this doesn't mean that they are off the hook. I have run countless experiments with add-ons and I can state without a doubt that if an add-on is buggy in one way it likely is going to be causing havoc in some other way- even in ways it should have nothing to do with.

What users are also going to find is that the ratings on the Mozilla pages are practically useless. The average rating is 4*s and that clearly is not the case. Too many of the reviews are shills, developers can delete any reviews they don't like and Mozilla rounds up. If an add-on gets a 1* and a 5* Mozilla considers that 4*. They regularly put items on the featured list that they clearly have not run. In short those pages are largely a waste of time.

So how does one go about figuring out what add-ons are causing problems?

[*]Start canning 3rd party toolbars. Some common ones include the likes of Yahoo! and Ask. Virtually all of them are more trouble than they are worth. If you can't remove them directly from your browser try an uninstaller program such as Iobit or Revo. They will spot them and then remove any leftover junk left behind after the uninstall. You could also look at the list of installed programs and see if there are more junk programs to wipe out. If you are not sure what some of the entries are use your search engine and you may spot some real lulus in the mix.

[*]Run your FF or PM with all extensions disabled. Usually that means shutting it off and then in your Windows start area enter in "Failfox.exe -P" or Palemoon.exe -P" That will pull it up with your add-ons disabled and then you can see if that reveals anything helpful.

[*]Run FF or PM normally and start disabling add-ons one-by-one and see if you can isolate the culprit(s.) If you run a large number or add-ons like I do you could do it in blocks. Disable half (or some portion) and narrow it down from there.

[*]What you will find may surprise you as what should be happening often times isn't the case. When I was having issues the worst offender was my translator!- it should have had nothing to do with the other problems and it was the most destructive of the lot. I then removed, replaced, modified... the other offenders and the problem was solved. Some of the most buggy were beloved mainstays but when the developers refused to update or fix them it was time to kick them to the curb. Expect similar results.

[*]When contacting developers their attitude will reveal itself very quickly. The best ones probably never made buggy products to begin with and if they made any mistakes they probably will be the most eager to issue corrections. The sloppiest are going to be the least likely to respond at all. They also are going to be the most likely to write their own reviews and delete everything but the 5* reviews. Only a limited number of them are going to be like Chuck and have a forum. That is going to be the nature of the beast.

I hope this helps anyone out there save themselves a heap of agony. Good luck everybody! :-D

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