Sorting of Tags, and Tag Categories

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Sorting of Tags, and Tag Categories

Postby Mark » Tue Jul 02, 2013 11:32 am

I sent the following request for information to Chuck Baker directly.

There are NO Add-ons to deal with the sorting of Tags. I went through Firefox to request information on whether there was sorting capability that I had missed somewhere in the Firefox interface. The best answer I got was from Cor-el at the Firefox Support forum. I was directed to the developers’ website, where a current program was displayed to do just that. I would consider this BETA. The problem with using code like this is that it is not as yet integrated into Firefox, nor does it have a developer interested in keeping it current with each new Firefox release. Further I saw no indication of how long sorting of Tags was under development, which could give some clue as to whether there was a concerted effort to do so. When/if it does get integrated it will mean that users of the Beta version will lose all usage of what came about as a BETA user, and starting over will be necessary with a released version.

I don't know enough about programming to be able to tell if this capability will EVER be available. I do know that Internet Explorer sorted what was referred to as Favorites, without requiring a manual process which Firefox requires. And I haven't used Internet Explorer for so long that I can't remember if it has its own version of Tags that are sorted.

I'm not sure how many users there are out there that would like to see sorted Tags. I have 11 categories of them with many Bookmarks under each, which are also unsorted. When they are not sorted it takes some time to find the Tag to access the actual Bookmark. It is distracting and messy to display in this fashion. I've tried all manner of prefixes to get around the disorder. Some work part of the time, but on balance the Tags are in overall disarray. Maybe that is why there was an indication by only a few replies to my post on the Firefox support forum that many Firefox users don’t even use Tags, because they are so disorganized.

Can you tell me, please, if the technical aspects of providing either an Add-On or Integrating a sorting function into Firefox Tags is so complex that it will never happen? If you can provide me with this answer I'll know whether or not to be on the lookout for something that might be released in the near future.

I just found the Wish List forum, and thought maybe some members might be able to answer some of the above concerns. Any response will be much appreciated. I’m assuming that this forum might apply to a project that Chuck Baker could start, or maybe there are solutions already available somewhere (other than BETA).
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