Bad Experience.

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Bad Experience.

Postby chris d » Tue Oct 31, 2006 9:10 am

My first expreience of FEBE has been an absolute disaster! My whole system is backed up via Norton Ghost (which is absolutely fantastic). However it is only as good as the day the original backup was taken. In practice, other stuff is then added during the "best behaviour" period of PC usage, until the next "problem" prompts a format and restoration.

When (due to a problem with my PC) I had to recently reinstall my system, I though I'd use FEBE to back up all of my Firefox components, in the hope that when the system was re-installed FEBE would update all of my Firefox components to their original settings - BIG MISTAKE! NOT IMPRESSED! It's going to take me hours to put my Firefox installation back as it was (assuming that's possible).

Don't get me wrong FEBE has it's merits. However (with respect) the extension is not as intuitive to use as one would think. Although MY FEBE backup was to a different drive than the main (somehow) the backup didn't materialise - which I'm paying for now dearly.

The point of this? It is (as I've proved) possible to get it wrong. This being the case, a proper set of instructions is required to allow the user to use the package correctly. This should cover back up and (most importantly) restoration, though (please try to) make the instructions relevant to the installation file and not on a third party site. The last thing anyone wants to do is to have to traipse from one forum/site to another to find guidance - doing that only generates negativity and a loss of interest.

Whilst you're considering this, methinks that CLEO could (most definately) do with the same, I.e. it should be as simple as finding the FEBE backup and creating the *.xpi from that, but the extension doesn't work like that does it?

Thanks for listening, I hope that the designer will take my concerns on board, otherwise well done for a cracking concept.


chris d

Firefox Clone

Postby bwana » Wed Nov 08, 2006 2:29 am

I also have a bad experience when trying to backup my office Firefox configuration and next restoring it at my home PC. Having checked all the checkboxes in FEBE's configuration I made a complete backup of my settings (at least that's what I naively hoped for) only to find out on the restore that my home PC Firefox's settings have been completely messed up. Fortunately, I have GoBack installed so I was able to undo all the changes made to my painstakingly tuned up home settings but not everyone may be so lucky.

My question is this - is it possible to create (or modify FEBE in that respect) an extension that would be able to CLONE all your Firefox's files, settings, configuration, all installed add-ons etc. (i.e., backup automatically everything, literally cloning it) in a simple procedure? It occurs to me this should not be too difficult as it simply involves to copy the contents of the Mozilla Firefox plus maybe some other folders or files if they have been installed outside of this folder, as well as precisely specified branches of the Registry. That's all. And even if this would not be possible as a Firefox extension as it might not be possible to copy files that are open, a good approach would be to create a separate small backup program that would warn you to close Firefox (or even better - check if it is running and offer you an option to close it from within this program) and next backing up your Firefox with all its settings to be able to easily restore in anywhere else with just a few mouse clicks. Anyone up to this task, being a small step for a programmer but a giant leap for Firefox users? :-)

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