Big Masshive Bungholes Plugins Walkathon for Tacos & Fir

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Big Masshive Bungholes Plugins Walkathon for Tacos & Fir

Postby bungholio » Mon May 28, 2007 1:56 pm

1. A plugin that duplicates / clones the new tab button in tab mix plus to the right side. That way if u wanna open a new tab you don't have to move ur mouse to the far left everytime.

2. Make the febe plugin save your menu layout, history, icons of the bookmarks.

3. A plugin that lets you set the icon of a bookmark, which is really good for blank iconed bookmarks. And what is with's icon never working?

4. A plugin that lets you duplicate buttons.

5. A plugin that lets you right click on a menu item, like "web search" or some button, and delete it if you want (and give you the ability to restore it in some menu that pops up when you press some button). I hate going to "options" to do stuff, buttons are better. Yes, I know there is "customize menu" but it's slower and you cant delete text stuff.

6. A button icon editor for editing the icons of plugins and buttons. Cuz sometimes they are ugly or messed up looking.

7. A plugin that shows the true amount of memory firefox is using and how much system memory is left. I'd like this because I heard xp's task manager doesn't show the true amount of memory firefox is really using.

8. Add "close tab" to the bottom (or wherever you want) in the right click menu.

9. Add "open file or folder" to the right click menu so that you don't have to minimize or move the browser to get to the desktop etc. I'd also like this plugin to have settings where you can add permanent stuff you'd like to be able to open right away, like notepad or some text file you made (some programmers force you to only open preinstalled stuff that comes with the os which is why I am being very specific). Id also like it so that all this stuff is under "open file or folder" rather than adding a line for every thing you want to add, in otherwords submenus. Oh and it would be great if say you preset it to open some folder, that the folder contents would also show in case you don't want to open the whole folder.

10. A plugin that lets you add links to files and folders to the button menu.

11. A plugin that lets you change the color of firefox and individual tabs permanent locked or not and the close buttons on tabs and the tab highlight color (which I find hard to see in some cases especially when I have tons of tabs open. I hate having it stuck with whatever a theme has it to or the os's theme. It would be cool if it was a button you could press and you can select from various color ranges on a sliding scale, kind of like msoft's bitmap custom color thingy. Also cool would be if it had a color picker that you could make appear and copy some color anywhere on the screen. Also cool would be if you could change the colors of the scroll button, individual menu fields, and the status bar instead of just one solid flat color.

12. A "customize menu" button, which I think would beat having to hunt for a space to right click on or only one decent area.

13. A "customize menu" in the right click context menu.

14. An enhanced "script error" message that tells you what the problem is that is causing the script error message, like what process provoked it and a log file that showed what was occurring that triggered the message.

15. A plugin that terminates whatever is causing the script error so that firefox doesn't get super slow or freeze anymore.

16. A wildtangent theme. Sharp curvey purple hued buttons with some yellow colors somewhere would be neat I think.

17. A plugin that lets you search for words and sentences in the links in your history file. Like to be able to right click and select, "search within this link" and then a bar with a field pops up and you type whatever in it and it searches the link. At the very least it would neat if you could specify some search engine to use, like ask, google, hotbot, vivisimo, and search at the main url.

18. A plugin that lets you search all the links in your history or in a certain date range like march 23-june 1 for words that are in those sites. Like say you have and in your history, and you wanna see which one makes references to bungholes, you can search them from the "Search:" field above them.

19. A plugin that lets you determine how many rows you want for bookmarks, just like you can do with tabs using tabmix. Be nice if it had a button to go with it too that you could press to make the changes if you wanted to as well as being able to make changes it from the tools menu.

20. A button you can press or selection from the tool menu or optionally the context menu that lets you change the number of rows for your tabs. It's in tab mix but it's annoying to have to go into it's menus to mess with it.

21. A plugin that lets you go into the firefox dictionary so you can look up words in there (because it doesn't always give you the right spelling of what you want and so you can delete accidental entries you made to it.)

22. A plugin that fixes that hellish field bug in which whenever you type something it pops up a similar previously type entry and merely moving your mouse to the side or bottom and then pressing enter causes the previous entry to overwrite what you just typed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It also seems like there are times when I don't even move the mouse and the error occurs anyways. It would be great to if this plugin did away with the annoying thing where just clicking into the url or built in search field highlights everything in it. I hate that because sometimes I just want to edit a little part and then accidentally end up deleting everything or having to click over and over to make the highlight go away.

23. A plugin that allows you save your whole profile completely, menu layout, history, the whole thing to an exe file which you can obviously open later.

24. Why in the world must there be a mozilla folder in applications in xp? Why isn't everything in the programs directory? Whatever the reason, it would be nice if there was a plugin that let you set the mozilla folder in the app directory to be in the mozilla folder that is in firefox by default so that it puts the stuff there rather than the apps. I think that's good because it makes manual restoration of your profile easier instead of having to hunt to that directory to restore stuff.

25. A plugin that lets you have the option to have to double click stuff in the history and bookmarks menu (the one on the right not the top) in order to open them, and an option popup that asks if you want it to "open in" the either in the currently viewed tab, a new tab, and a third button or clicking text line that says "new tab in foreground" button. I hate having to right click to do stuff like that and there is no foreground option in the right click anyways.

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