Overriding the restriction against "overlarge" cur

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Overriding the restriction against "overlarge" cur

Postby Codex Q » Tue Mar 18, 2008 8:48 am

My website uses so-called 'overlarge' custom cursors which since Firefox has been made illegal, and I would like to give viewers the option to view them since without them my site won't function properly as they are used for essential information and navigation as well as finishing the aesthetic of my site.
The Mozilla restriction is absurd but I'm stuck with it unless I can find a workaround. I had hoped SeaMonkey wouldn't go in that direction of becoming a nanny browser like Firefox has become but it has as well, with all the fussy and overreactive security measures built in to protect me whether I want to be protected or not. I don't. Be that as it may is there a simple way to code an extension to allow for large gif images to be used for custom cursors?
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