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Adjusting/Removing FEBE

PostPosted: Wed Sep 16, 2009 10:37 am
by Cavalier40
Dear Mr. Baker,

Someway, somehow I have downloaded your FEBE program. Due to my ignorance, I don't really understand what FEBE does. I don't even know what an "extension" is.

How do I remove FEBE from my computer?

How do I adjust FEBE so that it doesn't give me reports EVERY DAY? Can I adjust it so that it gives reports, oh say, once a month?

Many thanks,


PostPosted: Thu Sep 17, 2009 2:25 pm
by cbaker_admin
You can uninstall FEBE by clicking Tools > Add-ons, find the entry for FEBE, click once to open it and then click "Uninstall".

There is a way to have FEBE backup only once a month and another option to not display the report at all. These options can be found in Tools > FEBE > FEBE Options.

PostPosted: Sat Sep 19, 2009 10:55 am
by Cavalier40
Dear Mr. Baker:

Many thanks for the kindness of your reply. I have taken your advice and set my Options to NOT display the report.

I still don't know what an extension is, nor what FEBE does that is to my advantage, but I admire the giving forward attitude that you have and the intelligence, patience and dedication that you have used to create for others.



Re: Adjusting/Removing FEBE

PostPosted: Sun Mar 25, 2012 2:38 pm
by cjinca
I have followed your instructions on how to remove FEBE. The word 'FEBE' was removed from my TOOLS menu but after restarting Firefox, FEBE is still in ADD-ON menu with the prompt that once I restart firefox it will be removed. I've repeated restart and even restarted computer but it's still there. Please help. Thanks, cj

Re: Adjusting/Removing FEBE

PostPosted: Sun Mar 25, 2012 2:53 pm
by cbaker_admin
It usually means your extension database (the files that contain information about installed add-ons) has become corrupt.

There is a relatively easy fix. With Firefox closed go to your profile directory. From that directory, delete the following files (if they exits):

  • extensions.ini
  • extensions.cache
  • extensions.rdf
  • extensions.sqlite
  • extensions.sqlite-journal

When Firefox is next started, all the files will be rebuilt from scratch.

Re: Adjusting/Removing FEBE

PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2012 8:44 am
by cjinca
thanks so much. I think it worked.

Re: Adjusting/Removing FEBE

PostPosted: Tue Aug 16, 2016 2:44 am
by FrenchAlain55
Hello, I come to you as a previous contributor, are your plug-ins still suitable for latest (48.0) Firefox on Mac OSX? No French UI?
I need to clean up a bit my configuration and transfer it to other computers. resolve potential conflicts… but I'm not a dev.
Best regards, Alain

Re: Adjusting/Removing FEBE

PostPosted: Tue Aug 16, 2016 2:41 pm
by cbaker_admin
Yes, all of my current extensions will work with Firefox up to version 49.0a2. I'm not positive that all have fr locales available, but if they did before they should still have them now (no locale changes have been made to the UIs in quite some time).