FEBE hangs, "Script is busy" warning

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FEBE hangs, "Script is busy" warning

Postby cbaker_admin » Sat Jan 30, 2010 6:16 pm

If you are getting a message that reads:

Code: Select all
A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can
stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.

- OR -

If you are using FEBE 6.x or greater and Firefox 3.6 or greater and FEBE "hangs" and does not complete a backup within a minute or two,

follow these steps:

Note: The following refers to older FEBE versions. While changing the value of dom.max_chrome_script_run_time is still necessary, it now should be done in FEBE Options > Advanced > Miscellaneous > Advanced preferences > Chrome script timeout, and not in about:config.

In about:config there is a preference called dom.max_chrome_script_run_time that controls how long Fx waits before giving the "Script is busy" message. The default value is 20 seconds. Try changing it to "60" to see if that will eliminate the problem.

How to: Type about:config in the Firefox address bar. If you get a box that warns you about being careful, accept it to continue. Type (or paste) dom.max_chrome_script_run_time in the filter box. Double click the preference and change the value from 20 (usually) to 60. Close the tab. Perform a backup.

If you still get the "Script is busy" warning, try this:

Set the dom.max_chrome_script_run_time to 0 (zero). This essentially turns off the time limit. Perform a backup and time the number of seconds it takes. (If it takes more than five minutes or if the progress bar in the FEBE progress window starts moving again, abort the backup -- It's not working.) Set the dom.max_chrome_script_run_time to the number of seconds the backup took plus 10. For example, if the backup took 90 seconds, enter 100.

If FEBE still "hangs" (and the progress bar moves continuously):

Check for any FEBE related errors in the error console (Tools > Error Console). You may also want try the Console² extension for error checking. It is more comprehensive.

Try running "Clear FEBE preferences" and "Verify extension directory" in Tools > FEBE > FEBE Options > Misc. (or Advanced)

When the FEBE progress window stalls, the item it was processing at the time is displayed in that window. Often this is a plugin that erroneously identifies itself as an extension to Firefox (e.g., "FreeDownloadManagerplugin". FEBE does not attempt to backup plugins. These items can be skipped by checking the appropriate box in FEBE Options > What to backup > Ignore list.

If you are still experiencing problems, try this: Open and clear the Error Console. Leave it open and perform a backup. After a few seconds (when the progress meter starts moving again) examine the error console for any FEBE related error messages (type febe in the "Search:" box). Copy/paste them in a new post.

Please post your results in this thread.
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