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Re: FEBE 7 beta releases

Postby TXGuy » Sun Mar 20, 2011 1:06 pm

Firefox 4RC2 and FEBE 7.0b201102281630

Problem started with Firefox 4b12. I have always installed each beta of Firefox over the top of the preceding beta in the same folder with no problems. I have installed Firefox RC1 and RC2 in the same folder over the top of Firefox 4b12.

Full Profile backup backs-up all extensions as expected

Selective backup backs-up only a few extensions with no error message. After experimenting, if I then close Firefox 4RC2, rename addons.sqlite in the profile folder, restart Firefox 4RC2 (addons.sqlite is recreated) and the Selective backup will backup all extensions.

Also, before renaming addons.sqlite, FEBE/Options/Advanced/Tools "Verify extension directory" shows "Verify complete: 0 extensions/themes found". After renaming addons.sqlite, correct number of extensions is shown.

Tried creating a new profile, adding only selected items to new profile, starting Firefox 4RC2 pointing to new profile, same problem.

This is an extension that I very much depend on and you have done great work on this extension.

Any suggestions as to what is wrong and why, in my case, addons.sqlite is causing an issue?

Re: FEBE 7 beta releases

Postby cbaker_admin » Mon Mar 21, 2011 10:49 am

The first thing that comes to mind is addons.sqlite is becoming corrupted. Before you do the renaming, can you view all extensions through Tools > Addons?

Another possibility ... All the add-on related functions in Gecko 2 (i.e., Fx 4) are now asynchronous. That means they run in their own thread and answer to no other threads. They run at their own pace with little or no regard to any other functions waiting for the results. (In fact, they don't wait at all, they instead return control back to the calling routine immediately whether or not they've completed their tasks. It's only through a series of complicated callbacks that I can get the data I need from them to continue processing. It is ugly and messy and I curse Mozilla every time I have to work with that code. ... But I digress ...). What I'm getting at here is asking how long of a wait occurs between starting Fx and starting a backup? If you give Fx a couple of minutes to "settle down" after it first starts, does the backup work as it should?
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Re: FEBE 7 beta releases

Postby TXGuy » Mon Mar 21, 2011 6:19 pm

Yes, I can always see all of the Extensions in the Extensions window. What would cause the addons.sqlite file to become corrupted time after time?. I have the renamed files still on my drive, so it seems unlikely that it is being re-created in bad sectors. Plus, I have run chkdsk recently with no errors found on the one year old drive. I did a complete re-install of Windows and Windows updates when I installed the new drive, along with installing all of my software,etc.; no backups or images were used and I have no other problems with any software, including Firefox. Malware scans are done 2-3 time per week with one full time/on-access system and 2 on-demand scanners but it has been months since any of them found any spyware, and never a virus or rootkit.

Usually, Firefox is open for 5-30 minutes before the backup time. However, sometimes I am surfing when the backup time arrives, but that does not seem to be a factor. This morning the backup occurred correctly even though I was surfing at the time and had not had Firefox create a new addons.sqlite file since yesterday morning, after which I performed a complete FEBE backup. It may work OK for 1-3 days, then will return to not backing up all extensions. And again, the problem is only with Selective backup portion of FEBE. If I do a backup with "Both" selected, the individual extensions backup will fail to backup all of the extensions, but the "Full Profile" backup includes all of the extensions in the file profileFx4{0 Beta Profile}.fbu when I look at that file with 7Zip.

Forgot to mention, the backup speed has increased dramatically; it now only takes a few seconds. Thanks for that improvement.

Re: FEBE 7 beta releases

Postby cbaker_admin » Mon Mar 21, 2011 6:33 pm

Does the addons.sqlite change size on a day-to-day basis? Even without the installation or removal of addons? Does the timestamp on the file update frequently? I'll have to research this file more to see what it contains and how it is used. FEBE does not access it directly, only indirectly through the Addons API.
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Re: FEBE 7 beta releases

Postby TXGuy » Mon Mar 21, 2011 7:01 pm

The size of addons.sqlite is 256KB (262,144 bytes) on all of the renamed and current file. My extensions and plugins are pretty stable; I do not add or remove often as I have a set that works well for me. Therefore, I am not surprised that all of the renamed and current files are the same size.

The time/date stamp does seem to change on the current one (not the renamed ones), maybe with each start/re-start of Firefox, based on what I am currently seeing.

My understanding of addons.sqlite is that it contains the information shown when clicking on the "More" button in the Extensions window. That is what is bewildering to me as it should have nothing to do with backing up the extensions themselves.

Re: FEBE 7 beta releases

Postby TXGuy » Tue Mar 22, 2011 10:48 am


This morning (03/22/2011),
  • started Firefox 4 approx. 20 minutes before scheduled backup time (9:05am)
  • checked for extension updates; none found
  • FEBE Options/Advanced/Tools "Verify extension directory" showed all extensions and correct number of extensions
  • examined file size (no change) and timestamp (no change) of addons.sqlite file
    • same as my post yesterday; did not change on starting Firefox so I was incorrect about that observation in my previous post
  • opened on-line edition of local newspaper
  • FEBE backup audio warning started about 10 minutes later
  • FEBE Option was to perform backup "Both"
    • Selective backup of individual extensions showed only 2 items
    • profile backup file showed all extensions included in backup when examined with 7Zip
    • FEBE Options/Advanced/Tools "Verify extension directory" showed "no extensions"
  • closed Firefox, renamed addons.sqlite, re-started Firefox. chose FEBE Perform backup, everything worked

Very strange. No extensions added, un-installed or disabled during this period. Extension updates before each backup shown at beginning of each period below (information from Extensions window, "More" display). I always check for extensions updates before the scheduled backup time so that any updates are included that morning's backup:
  • 03/20/2011 9:05am: One extension updated (Session Manager) before backup; Auto backup (Both) failed on Selective Backup, closed Firefox 4, renamed addons.sqlite, started Firefox (created new addons.sqlite), performed manual backup (FEBE Perform backup) and all worked
  • 03/21/2011 9:05am: One extension updated (Tab Mix Plus) before backup; Auto backup (Both) worked. everything worked without renaming addons.sqlite
  • 03/22/2011 9:05am; NO extension updates; failed Selective backup

Re: FEBE 7 beta releases

Postby cbaker_admin » Tue Mar 22, 2011 12:03 pm

Now it's just a matter of me duplicating it. Can you supply me with a list of all your installed extensions? Or better yet, perhaps the single .xpi of a FEBE Quick Backup that I can install into a fresh profile?
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Re: FEBE 7 beta releases

Postby TXGuy » Tue Mar 22, 2011 1:15 pm

Supply Quick Backup .xpi how? I do not have a Quick Backup but can do one.

I have almost the same extensions in Firefox 3.6.15 (separate profile) and with current released version of FEBE and all is well in that set-up. Of course, Firefox 3.6.x does not have the addons.sqlite file that seems to be causing the problem.

User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:2.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/4.0
Extensions (enabled: 32, disabled: 14):

Adblock Plus 1.3.3
Add Bookmark Here ² 4.0.20110303
Add-on Compatibility Reporter 0.8.1
BetterPrivacy 1.49
CheckPlaces 2.4.5
Clippings 3.1.4
Close n forget 0.11.1
Compact Menu 2 4.0
Default Full Zoom Level 4.5
DOM Inspector 2.0.9 [disabled]
DownloadHelper 4.8.4
Element Properties 6
Extended Statusbar 1.5.7
Extension List Dumper 1.15.0
FEBE 7.0b201102281630
FireShot 0.88
Ghostery 2.5.2
HTTPS-Everywhere 0.9.4 [disabled]
IE Tab Plus 1.99.20110227
InfoLister 0.10.4a1
Java Console 6.0.24 [disabled]
Java Quick Starter 1.0 [disabled]
JSONView 0.5 [disabled]
Menu Editor 1.2.7 [disabled]
MinimizeToTray revived (MinTrayR) 0.9.2 [disabled]
Nightly Tester Tools 3.1.1
NoSquint 2.1 [disabled]
OpenDownload² 3.0.2 [disabled]
Organize Status Bar 0.6.5
RefControl 0.8.14 [disabled]
RequestPolicy 0.5.20
Restartless Restart 4.2
Session Manager 0.7.5
Show Parent Folder 1.8
SortPlaces 1.7.2
SQLite Manager 0.6.8
Status-4-Evar 2011.03.16.22
Tab in Textarea 0.10.2 [disabled]
Tab Mix Plus
Tab Scope 1.1 [disabled]
Test Pilot 1.1 [disabled]
Theme Font Size Changer 0.7 [disabled]
Toggle Private Browsing 1.8
Toolbar Buttons 1.0
United States English Spellchecker 5.0.1

Themes (1):

Default 4.0 [selected]

Plugins (6):

Foxit Reader Plugin for Mozilla
IE Tab Plug-in
Java(TM) Platform SE 6 U24
Shockwave Flash
Shockwave for Director
VLC Multimedia Plug-in

Re: FEBE 7 beta releases

Postby cbaker_admin » Tue Mar 22, 2011 2:59 pm

Good Grief, it'll take forever to install all those individually. If a Quick Backup isn't too big, you can email it to me (will send email address via pm).

You could also try uploading the xpi as an attachment to your reply to this post. (See options below the Edit Post box when replying).
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Re: FEBE 7 beta releases

Postby cbaker_admin » Tue Mar 22, 2011 6:54 pm

Ok ... was able to restore your profile and perform a backup. Believe it or not, it worked just fine. Several times in fact. One thing, though ... I could not backup any of the User-defined backups you had set up. This makes sense as I wouldn't have the same directory structure as you. So I unchecked "Include user-defined backups" in FEBE Options. I wonder if that will make a difference in your setup. You might also try a selective backup of only extensions, only themes, only bookmarks, etc. to see if you can narrow down the problem.
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Re: FEBE 7 beta releases

Postby Corleth » Thu Mar 24, 2011 1:27 pm

After installing FF 4.0 I have updated FEBE to the latest version 7.0beta1.

The problem now is, that none of my extensions is backuped when using the backup type 'selective', whereas all other stuff like cookies, history, search plugins is backuped.

If using backup type 'full profile' it seems the extensions are stored, because the file size of the backup is approx. as large as expected.

Here's a list of my installed extansions:

- BetterPrivacy{1.49}.xpi -- "Super-Cookie Safeguard"
- ColorfulTabs{}.xpi -- Colorful Tabs colors every tab in a different color and makes them easy to distinguish while beautifying the overall appeal of the interface.
- DownloadHelper{4.8.4}.xpi -- Download videos and images from many sites
- FirefoxShowcase{}.xpi -- Easily locate any browser you've opened in Firefox
- Flagfox{4.1.1}.xpi -- Displays a flag depicting the location of the current server
- FootieFox{2.1.10}.xpi -- Soccer scores, live and almost instantly.
- FoxTrick{}.xpi -- A set of presentation enhancements for hattrick.org
- HattrickLiveFox{1.3.5}.xpi -- Live match viewer for the online game Hattrick.org.
- ImageZoom{0.4.6}.xpi -- Adds zoom functionality for images
- JavaConsole{6.0.24}.xpi (global) -- (none)
- LongURLPlease{0.4.3}.xpi -- Automatically converts short urls from services like tinyurl.com back to the original so that users don't have to.
- NoScript{}.xpi -- Extra protection for your Firefox: NoScript allows JavaScript, Java (and other plugins) only for trusted domains of your choice (e.g. your home-banking web site). This whitelist based pre-emptive blocking approach prevents exploitation of security vulnerabilities (known and even unknown!) with no loss of functionality... Experts will agree: Firefox is really safer with NoScript :-)
- PsicoTSI{1.0.26}.xpi -- Predicts skills sub-levels using TSI.
- RegetFavicon{}.xpi -- Refresh a bookmark favicon. Right-click your bookmark and choose "Reget Favcion". This doesn't work with Favicon Picker.
- SQLiteManager{0.6.8}.xpi -- Manage any SQLite database on your computer
- Stylish{1.1.1}.xpi -- (none)
- TV-Fox{1.6.5}.xpi -- World TV in your toolbar.
- VacuumPlacesImproved{1.2}.xpi -- Defragment your firefox places.sqlite database to speed-up Firefox
- Wortlistevonhttptkltrans.sf.netalteundneuedeutscheRechtschreibung{20060716}.xpi -- (none)
- translator{}.xpi -- Website translation extension.

Re: FEBE 7 beta releases

Postby cbaker_admin » Thu Mar 24, 2011 2:19 pm

Does the "FEBE Results Report" list them as being backed up?
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Re: FEBE 7 beta releases

Postby cbaker_admin » Fri Mar 25, 2011 5:06 pm

@TXGuy: I've uploaded FEBE v7.0beta2. There is now an option to "Run asynchronously" in FEBE Options > How to backup. Try backing up with that option un-checked.
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Re: FEBE 7 beta releases

Postby Corleth » Sat Mar 26, 2011 3:38 pm

cbaker_admin wrote:Does the "FEBE Results Report" list them as being backed up?

No extensions are listed in the Result Report. Even no error message.
Unfortunately it's still the same after installing beta2 and un-checking "run asychronously".

Btw, I have noticed, that some extensions are not installed in a folder. Just the xpi file is stored in the extensions folder. This is new since Firefox 4.0. Could this cause the trouble with extensions not saved by FEBE?

Re: FEBE 7 beta releases

Postby TXGuy » Sun Mar 27, 2011 10:04 am


Pretty much at my wits end on this. I see that user Corleth is reporting same/similar problem. I have installed FEBE beta2, de-selected "Run asynchronously"; have selected/de-selected Advanced > Advanced preferences > "FEBE debug mode". Have tried Selected backup only, with various other backup items selected/de-selected. Always a problem. All extensions always backed up in profile folder backup. No reason that addons.sqlite even needs to be addressed when backing up extensions, so that could be a fault in Firefox 4 code.

Attached are images (NOTE: Your system displays added images in reverse order; did not know that when posting):
  • ErrorConsoleOnFirefox4Start_NoHomePgLoaded_2011-03-27.PNG - On start of Firefox, no home page loading, just Firefox start
  • FEBE_VerifyExtDir_1_2011-03-27.PNG - Have chosen repair several times; no effective difference. IF I IMMEDIALTELY run Verify Extension directory again (with or without repair), comes up clean. If I wait a few minutes to run Verify Extension directory, same errors, same extentions.
  • FEBE_beta2_ErrorConsole_PerformBU_Both_Selective-7ExtBkdUp_2011-03-27.PNG - Running Tools > FEBE > Perform backup with "Both" selected, all items selected, this is the FEBE Results page and the Error Console immediately after the backup.

Whether this is a FEBE problem or a Firefox 4 problem, I do not know. I am considering some other backup alternative as well as considering another browser. Mozilla rushed out Firefox 4, in my opinion, to keep pace with other browsers being released. If that it so, it is a HUGE mistake, and Firefox will lose many users. Also, the rush in releasing Firefox 4 may not have given excellent add-on developer, like yourself, ample time and opportunity to get their extensions working properly, given all of the changes in Firefox 4.
Tools-FEBE-PerformBU-Both-All_Items_Results&ErrorConsole_2011-03-27.PNG (138.25 KiB) Viewed 16288 times
FEBE_VerifyExtDir_1_2011-03-27.PNG (104.64 KiB) Viewed 16288 times
ErrorConsoleOnFirefox4Start_NoHomePgLoaded_2011-03-27.PNG (200.4 KiB) Viewed 16288 times


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