unable to enter CLEO options: error message

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unable to enter CLEO options: error message

Postby n8mann » Sat Jun 02, 2012 2:16 pm

i'm sorry, i was rash. something was wrong with febe. reinstalling febe solved it. now all seems fine.

Trying to get into the options i get the following message (i try to translate into en):
Code: Select all
XML-error: undefined entity
Adresse: chrome://cleo/content/cleoOptions.xul
row Nr. 22, column 2:
<prefpane id="cleoOptionsID" label="&febe.prefpane.options;" image="chrome://cleo/skin/cleo32x32.png" onpaneload="cleoHideHelpIcons();">

my system: cleo 501, firefox 12.0 on xpsp3.

i once got the same message with extension "bartab", but i don't know how the dev got rid of it.

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