To cancel, please just press cancel!

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To cancel, please just press cancel!

Postby bill the nth » Sat Jul 28, 2012 8:33 pm

Just thinking it would make the extensions prettier if you changed the "press cancel to abort" line.

Very venerable phrasing, though in in the the old days I might have expected that to bring a whole sytem crashing down & produce reams of PMD, in octal.

Nowadays I think it's outmoded, a little de trop, and possibly upsetting to sensitive souls. I don't suppose "to Terminate" would be much better, abandon would do, but surely cancel=cancel? (Though not undo.)

Another thing, though it may soon not be necessary. There seems to have been a historical problem of the backup panel (and disconnected progess animation) never finishing in certain circumstances. I just felt that the panel could carry a pointer to some useful advice about what to do if that happens.

And now when I send (or commit) this suggestion, I'm going to be asked to "Submit", aren't I?

Oh, well
bill the nth

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