Exceptions (Whitelistings) for Install Add-Ons & Cookies

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Exceptions (Whitelistings) for Install Add-Ons & Cookies

Postby SpiritWolfe » Wed Apr 23, 2014 10:41 pm

Hello Chuck:

I have been long time fan of yours ever since you came out with FEBE. This is by far the MOST IMPORTANT Fx add-on that I treasure of my 100+ add-ons that I take advantage of (almost) on a daily basis. My customized Firefox web browser and I THANK YOU for it, wholeheartedly :!: :!: :!: :clap:

I cannot remember if I read somewhere if this issue was "fixed" (I use the word loosely because: A) there is never a generated error message; B) my preferences overall were always backed up -- without issues) or not.

:arrow: Every time I perform a "clean slate/install" Firefox installation (this goes way back to versions 3.6/4) I seem to loose out of all my preferences settings for the Exceptions (Whitelist?) (website) listings for the Install Add-Ons & Cookies Options. For some reason I have to re-add them every time it is necessary to do a clean installation of Fx or clean re-installation of a FEBE profile.

I do not think I am doing anything wrong... it / they are a preference are they not? Besides the User Defined Backup area, is there a way (like another add-on that somebody knows about) to make sure that these preferences: Options > Security > Installed Add-Ons Exceptions > Allowed Sites -- Add-On Installations and Options > Privacy > History > Use Custom Settings for History > Accept Cookies from sites > Exceptions > Exceptions -- Cookies will be backed up?

Cheers & Thanks...

Spirit Wolfe / Sawuwaya
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