* * Febe / Opie not save all options * *

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* * Febe / Opie not save all options * *

Postby FatFreddy44 » Fri Dec 05, 2014 10:39 am

I have used Febe and Opie for a long time, and am very happy with how they work
together to help me restore Firefox when I do a reset. However, I have learned
that some options / settings are not saved. I discovered how to fix this.

Some options are stored in the users jetpack folder, under the name of the
add-on, or its ID number. In each sub-folder is a simple-storage folder. And
in this folder is a store.json file that saves the settings / options.

The work around for this is to include the jetpack folder (or all of the wanted
sub folders) in the User-Defined Backups under the What to Backup setting.
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