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Re: FEBE 8.2 color scheme poll

PostPosted: Sat Dec 20, 2014 12:14 pm
by lakrsrool
Addendum to last post: What I posted previously on the first page holds true for ONLY the OLD "classic" theme for FEBE. I've now found that the vertical sizing does not hold for the NEW "FEBE theme" (horizontal does work however as I mentioned previously) once the Firefox browser is closed if at the same time FEBE is set to use the NEW "FEBE theme" (looked great as long as I stayed in the program using the method posted previously, see further for details), so you might want to take a look at your code (or consider my alternate idea) since one theme works with the procedure previously posted and the other theme does not. I was suspicious in the first place considering that sizing in one direction (horizontal) holds but not in the other direction (vertical). One other thing to keep in mind if this becomes a difficult issue to resolve is the fact that all of the windows have a lot of empty space to get down to the "OK" button (applies to all FEBE windows) therefore the whole issue could be resolved by compressing the overall height of each FEBE window interface by removing some of that empty space (I have additional thoughts on this vertical sizing problem as well below).

(oh and sizing does hold true using the method posted for the OLD "Classic" FEBE theme using either the Firefox menu or the FEBE icon to launch the FEBE application)

At least I'm now able to fix the one page in the OLD "Classic" theme that was previously cutting off a part of the page to the right (sizing holds):

FEBE classic (when to backup).jpg

FEBE after classic.png

Keeping in mind that the horizontal holds true in both themes and that the OLD "Classic" theme does not lose it's vertical either it may be due to the larger objects on FEBE pages in the NEW "FEBE theme" that is causing the vertical to get reset the next time the FEBE window opens subsequent to relaunching Firefox when using the NEW "FEBE theme" at the time.

So if your code is identical regarding sizing in either theme (most likely the case) it occurs to me that the issue could be due to the fact that because of either/both the larger font and/or the need to have larger objects due to the larger font in the NEW "FEBE theme" the horizontal (which will hold) needs to be sized to an extent that when a new window is painted the vertical size adjusts to the object placement (specifically the "OK button") in such a way to resize the entire window vertically (which in my case the upper FEBE menu goes off the display entirely and has to be drug back down which then of course results in the "OK button" getting cutoff at the bottom). Fortunately you've set the default to the OLD "Classic" theme, hence not a crucial problem.

BOTTOM LINE: Something to consider :idea: --- So assuming there is no coding difference between the two themes regarding sizing which is most likely the case it may just come down to the displaying of the larger font/object sizes which result in the objects on a FEBE page in the NEW "FEBE theme" requiring additional space necessary horizontally (which does hold because there is not any additional spacing and not any objects on the page horizontally beyond the horizontal window position) because of the larger text size and/or objects on the page. On the other hand in regards to the vertical spacing once the page is reloaded again with the new horizontal resizing in place (which again does hold) the vertical sizing changes, most notably vertically EXPANDS, to accommodate the pages vertical object positioning (placement) that does exist in the page format (including the "EMPTY SPACE" down to the "OK" button, in context with the horizontal positioning) therefore the vertical does not hold in the NEW "FEBE theme". (Point being, if the OLD "Classic" theme works OK in contrast to the NEW "FEBE theme" that does not and no difference in sizing code exists then it would appear to have to presumably come down to the differences in font/object sizes between the two themes that is causing the difference in sizing outcome).

Lastly, the procedure of pressing "CTRL" at the same time when exiting FEBE should work to retain window sizing and does in the OLD "Classic" FEBE, if I'm not mistaken it isn't until I close and restart Firefox possibly when using the NEW "FEBE theme" that the issue of vertical resizing (expansion) occurs using the NEW "FEBE theme" to the extent that this might help. What you'll find is that by using "CTRL" to fix FEBE to a size that accommodates the largest necessary window to be able to observe all objects on every FEBE page, which is to say the "When to backup" is the largest, the user can switch back and forth between the OLD "Classic" and the NEW "FEBE theme" and it all works great, the sizing is held perfectly for either theme and this holds true each time the user closes and restarts FEBE via either Firefox menu or FEBE icon. It isn't until exiting Firefox (if I recall) and at the same time the user has set FEBE to use the NEW "FEBE theme" that the vertical resizing problem once again reoccurs. So what I've found is that I can be using the OLD "Classic" and if the windows are sized appropriately as long as I remain in Firefox I can switch back and forth between themes with no problem and as long as I close Firefox with FEBE set to use the OLD "Classic" theme I'm OK the next time I use FEBE which would suggest to me that it's best to use the OLD "Classic" theme since it is the NEW "FEBE theme" as a consequence of other user action that ultimately causes the vertical sizing problem to reappear at some point. So then based on the premise that there is in fact a different outcome regarding page sizing between the two themes would suggest that there must exist something different between the two themes that causes this different outcome, hence my suggestion that absent differences in code that would cause this directly it may possibly be indirectly based on code due to the size and position of the objects in each theme that is the reason two outcomes do occur.

ADDENDUM 12/21/14 @ 9:00AM PST: Apparently specific FEBE action can cause FEBE window sizing to be lost. This morning FEBE gave message that I could not start FEBE because I had more than one Firefox browser running. This was incorrect (I only had one browser running), so I started FEBE again (using FEBE icon, which is what I always do) and then FEBE did start (without my closing the one browser I had running btw) but when FEBE started after the error message I had gotten before the sizing had changed so that part of FEBE was off page at the top. I reset FEBE size to largest FEBE window ("When to backup") so that FEBE displayed correctly once again. I then tested FEBE multiple times including closing and restarting Firefox and the FEBE sizing was retained so FEBE sizing worked fine once again apparently as I've stated before. So the most likely conclusion I can come up with is that FEBE lost its sizing as a result of the incorrect error message produced by FEBE telling me I had more than one browser running (which was not true). I thought I'd post this so if users lose window sizing and wonder why it may have been the result of a specific action (error message in this case) by FEBE and that as long as FEBE does not do the specific actions that may cause window sizing to change the window sizing will hold. If what has occurred to me in this specific instance can be programmatically tested to show that FEBE window sizing is changed as a result of this specific error (more than one browser running) then this would suggest that under specific circumstance FEBE is responsible for changing FEBE window sizing (the behavior should be tested since it's possible that the lost sizing was coincidental and not the direct result of the FEBE error). Thankfully in my case the FEBE window sizing will still hold however (as long as the user doesn't switch back and forth between themes) and absent further testing to prove otherwise in regards to this specific incident I would conclude at this time that sizing will hold as long as nothing out of the ordinary occurs requiring any specific error message from FEBE that may cause this to change apparently.

Checking back in @10:40AM PST: In an attempt to come up with an alternative cause for FEBE losing the window sizing that occurred this morning, it occurred to me the one thing that I had done that I did not test for just now was to log-out of windows when I was checking multiple times (logging in and out of FF) which resulted in the window sizing to hold. So I just tried this and logged-out of windows and back-in and thankfully FEBE window sizing and screen positioning is still holding as I had set it. So apparently the probability that the FEBE error (more than one browser running, which was not the case) caused FEBE to lose its window size settings still holds true and should be tested further to still rule out coincidence.

OK Chuck, I've got something for you. It occurred to me that if the FEBE error message was the cause of the resizing of FEBE windows then perhaps any FEBE pop-up message from FEBE might cause this. Sure enough, I tried just an "information" icon (the little "i" icon) and I found that each time I did this after FEBE popped up with the information pop-up window FEBE windows sizing increased and continue to increase to the point the top the FEBE window was out of view above my screen. So after a whole lot of testing and FEBE holding its windows sizing for well over two hours this morning (started at 9:00AM and it is currently 11:22AM) now that I use one of the FEBE information "i" icon and produce a FEBE popup the FEBE windows sizing gradually increases in vertical size (maybe horizontal as well, not sure). (the "i" I specifically used to test this was the "Backup type i" in the "backup type" tab in the "What to backup" menu selection, if I recall correctly I also found other "i" icons do the same)

So bottom line: It appears that something that FEBE is doing when launching its information or message popups is causing the vertical height (maybe the horizontal changes also, not sure about that) of the FEBE interface windows to increase in size based on what I've experienced. So Chuck, we can perhaps reasonably conclude that absent this issue with FEBE popups the interface will hold its window sizing correctly as long as users do not switch back and forth between themes. Of course there may possibly be other functions of FEBE that might be causing this as well, however as far as I can see FEBE does a good job at holding window sizing as long as pop-up messages do not occur.

Re: FEBE 8.2 color scheme poll

PostPosted: Mon Dec 22, 2014 1:30 pm
by lakrsrool
Hi Chuck, just in case you're not checking back on prior posts because you may have already read them, I thought I'd better post a new message to point out that I've not only added an "ADDENDUM dated 12/21/14" to the previous post but more importantly arrived at a conclusion as to what appears to be causing the PP window size changes that I've posted in RED at the bottom of the previous post that you might want to look into further. That is specifically in a nutshell; as long there are not any FEBE popup messages launched the size of all FEBE windows will hold by doing what I've posted previously and is supported by the fact that as of today, over 24 hours later since posting the addendum, after launching the FEBE interface many times over this period of time all of the window sizing of the FEBE interface continues to be retained (that is of course besides popups not occurring, as long as the user does not switch back and forth between the two FEBE themes). Details above.

Re: FEBE 8.2 color scheme poll

PostPosted: Mon Dec 22, 2014 3:18 pm
by cbaker_admin
Of all the FEBE options windows, the largest is the 'When to backup' pane. If one were to adjust to the size that is appropriate for that pane and close the dialog window, all panes should be large enough to show all text the next time options is opened.

Thanks for your time researching/debugging the issue.

Re: FEBE 8.2 color scheme poll

PostPosted: Tue Jan 20, 2015 11:33 am
by makondo
what's the ID (or better yet .css file) for the backup progress popup? I need to style it as i have a progress bars/meters style already and the latest one clashes with it. TIA!

Re: FEBE 8.2 color scheme poll

PostPosted: Tue Jan 20, 2015 1:26 pm
by cbaker_admin
The progress window is defined in febeProgress.xul and the styling is in febe.css.

In particular, you'll need to modify this portion of febe.css:

Code: Select all
.pmText {
   text-shadow: 1px 1px 2px black, 0 0 1em blue, 0 0 0.2em blue;
   color: white !important;
   font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
   font-size: large;
   font-weight: bold

progress[value]::-moz-progress-bar {
      transparent 33%,
      rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.1) 33%,
      rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.1) 66%,
      transparent 66%
      rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.25),
      rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.25)

   border-radius: 2px;
   background-size: 35px 20px, 100% 100%, 100% 100%;

I just realized that I need to change the css selector from the generic 'progress[value]::-moz-progress-bar ' to the id of of the progress meter which is '#febeProgressmeterID'. Otherwise, every html 'progress' tag may be styled whether it belongs to FEBE or not.

ETA: I've change the selector from 'progress[value]::-moz-progress-bar' to 'progress[value][id="febeProgressmeterID"]::-moz-progress-bar" for future releases.

Re: FEBE 8.2 color scheme poll

PostPosted: Tue Jan 20, 2015 6:41 pm
by makondo
Thank you! It doesn't help much though. I need to restyle the whole popup. Does it have a css?
What's .pmText ?

(The thing is, DOMi doesn't list any that i can view, thus my asking here. The popup closes too quickly and DOMi doesn't catch it.)

Re: FEBE 8.2 color scheme poll

PostPosted: Tue Jan 20, 2015 7:13 pm
by cbaker_admin
If you type chrome://febe/content/febeProgress.xul in the location bar, you will get a static progress window which can be explored with the DOM inspector. That window doesn't have its own css file, it uses febe.css which all FEBE windows share.

.pmText is the class used to display the percentage of completion in the progressbar.

Re: FEBE 8.2 color scheme poll

PostPosted: Tue Jan 20, 2015 7:33 pm
by makondo
Awesome, thanks, Chuck!