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FEBE v8.9.3 not compatable with Fx 49.0.2

PostPosted: Thu Nov 10, 2016 3:23 pm
by cbaker_admin
I've published the FEBE fix for browser history restore to AMO (FEBE v8.9.3), but there seems to be a problem with compatibility. Firefox is claiming that the new version is not compatible with v49.0.1 and v49.0.2. Actually it is, but Firefox is somehow incorrectly flagging it as not. I am trying to work with Mozilla to correct this problem but they are not being very responsive.

In the meantime, please revert back to FEBE v8.9.2 until the problem is resolved. Unfortunately, the older version will not restore browser history but everything else should work as expected. You can turn off the automatic FEBE update check by going to Tools > Add-ons Manager > FEBE > More and set Automatic Updates to off (near the bottom of the screen). This can be turned back on when the compatibility issue is fixed.

There is another work-around, but it requires adding or changing a preference in about:config and should only be used by users comfortable with changing Firefox preferences.

In the about:config screen, right-click and select New > Boolean. Paste extensions.checkCompatibility.49.0 and set the value to false.

Please be aware that this will allow any v49.0 non-compatible extension to be installed, not just FEBE. After the compatibility issue is resolved this preference should be deleted (or set to true).

Re: FEBE v8.9.3 not compatable with Fx 49.0.2

PostPosted: Fri Nov 11, 2016 1:38 pm
by cbaker_admin
Hopefully this problem is resolved. I've uploaded FEBE v8.9.3.1 to AMO. If you have auto-update for FEBE turned off, it is safe to turn it back on.

Re: FEBE v8.9.3 not compatible with FF 48.0.2

PostPosted: Sun Dec 02, 2018 7:30 am
by europanorama
tried out the checkCompatility trick without success.
Yes could install FEBE but no addons. could set folder but not saving. in actual FF 43.0.1(had FF12) old drive from 2013 which needed winxp update could not update further 43 was offered. in other Drive same non SSE2-processor-pc i have seen FF48.0.2 as latest working one incl. Febe. must check which version.
there is a different trick which can open FEBE rsp addons for incompatible Addons resp. those who are not certified. only dont find the information. yes its dangerous since there is no barrier anymore. e.g. i could make schillr and viewdouble running again. those are 3dstereo-viewers.
maybe the problem is here: until now couldnt start neighter Winxp SP3-installation nor Winfuture latest Winxp Updatepack from Mai 2014(most probably the latter only for german version. for win7 and later also english versions accept this german updatepacks winfuture is offering. MS Update must be disabled all the time. forum in german.
no i cannot install palemoon on this old emergency pc. will soon repair newer win7-one where palemoon is working. both pcs old(last one dualcore) and the problem was electrical and not low quality capacitors which the net is reporting. its cold soldering points! and also not badly programmed cmos-bios which seem to be bad due to the electrical problem. we will see. i have multiple copies/duplicates of both MOBOs. Gigabyte GA-7N400 Pro 2 and Asrock Alive Dual eSata 2. both ide/Sata-universal raid-board which need some knowledge how to make run and how they react. studied everything over the decades. NB: endless amount of problems also to do with my situation here with open MOBOs. yes did also make mistaked killing the one or the other.
will try another workaround with your trick: by deleting the blocked addons. and recover the savings from other drive. have no entries on the actual drive. the other one is a backup where i worked.
Update: Concerning FF 43.0.1
since the trick here is not working i used this one successfully and loaded older addons.will check them out now. ... ktivieren/

Re: FEBE v8.9.3 not compatible with FF 48.0.2

PostPosted: Wed Dec 12, 2018 6:29 am
by europanorama
or resetted. leading not no entry

Re: FEBE v8.9.3 not compatible with FF 48.0.2

PostPosted: Wed Jan 02, 2019 8:55 pm
by europanorama
CORRECTED TITLE. FF 48.0.2 not 49.
Very good news:_
Could not only updating to SP3 after a repair-installation from SP2-CD but also install final Winxp updatepack 368 from Mai 2014. had to make performance-procedures. two methods.
Also FF updating to latest possible(for my non SSE2-processor-pc) Firefox 48.02 worked then. will now use FEBE v8.9.2
Should i then add this?
extensions.checkCompatibility.48.0 or 48.02?
HAVE set extensions.checkCompatibility to false no FF version at the end.
was not yet able reinstalling older addons. have some on actual HDD from 2014.
How to make the older savings run again. had them stored in a december 2018 folder so they were running. FEBE 8.8.1 was running, have results html.
its seems i could run Febe 8.8.1and addons in FF 43.01.

how to make them running again in Febe 8.9.2?

Btw 1: Very important addon to speed up Firefox: Vaccum Places Improved. google is useless to try to find it even not on the file cannot be retrieved. only from pc or from friends.
Btw 2: could find the reason Firefox was crashing all the time: its in the plugins-list.
one must deactivate protected mode opf adobe flash in settings of Shockwave Flash

Update: have now set:
extensions.checkCompatibility.48.02 false
2. ... ktivieren/
have done the required settings there too.
Tried to install older addons used in FF 43.01 as file. despite setting the false flags for compatibility and xpinstall its telling addon not veryfied.
what next. could install actual ghostery with standard method. will try to install other addons which i was using. Thanks

UPDATE: for Non-SSE2-Processor-PCs Firefox 45.3.0 ESR is latest.
But FEBE is gone. Must reactivate. When Febe is reinstalled Old backups of addons cannot be loaded again.