FEBE gets stuck during backup w/Firefox 50.0.1

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FEBE gets stuck during backup w/Firefox 50.0.1

Postby RogerC » Tue Jan 31, 2017 12:15 pm

FEBE used to work seemlessly for years--speeding through backups effortlessly. Now, it never completes because a script can't complete. (I get a message saying that a script is busy or has stopped responding. And, the message includes the option of stopping the script or continuing it. However, whether I stop or continue the script, the backup never completes.

I have no more patience or use for FEBE if it continues this way. So, I thought I'd ask you--the readers on this forum--what to do.

What can I do to restore FEBE to its normal way of operating?

P.S. I'm running FEBE under Firefox v50.0.1 with Linux.
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Re: FEBE gets stuck during backup w/Firefox 50.0.1

Postby cbaker_admin » Tue Jan 31, 2017 2:53 pm

Put FEBE in debug mode (FEBE Options > Advanced > Miscellaneous > Advanced Preferences). This should open the error console. If it doesn't, click the Toggle browser (error) console button.

Make sure the "JS" button in the console is on (click to turn on/off - dark is on, light is off). Run a backup and examine the console for any FEBE related error messages (type febe in the "Search:" box). Copy/paste them here.

You should also try running "Clear FEBE preferences", "Verify extension directory" and "Check AddonManager functionality" in FEBE Options > Advanced > Tools. FEBE will alert you if it finds any problems.

When done, you can hide the error console by unchecking the FEBE debug mode box in FEBE Options > Advanced > Miscellaneous > Advanced Preferences. Or (if you have the browser console open) click the "X" button in the console's upper-right corner.

You said you are running Fx 50.0.1. The most current version of Firefox is 51.0.1.

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