where to backup

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where to backup

Postby walkerpbus » Tue Feb 21, 2017 10:23 am

There seem to be 2 places for backup, 1 related to the Cloud i think. I don't understand where & why especially the Cloud: do I have it available? How?
While I'm writing I have 2 computers, laptop & desktop, both Win 10 32 connected by a Dropbox & WiFi for the laptop, etc.
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Re: where to backup

Postby cbaker_admin » Tue Feb 21, 2017 11:51 am

The main place FEBE puts your backup is the directory named in FEBE Options > Where to backup > Backup destination directory. This field must contain a valid directory pathname. You can also have copies of the backup placed in additional directories, including cloud drives. For the cloud drive backup to work, you must already have a cloud drive account from some third party (i.e., Google Drive or Dropbox). This cloud drive must have a local address that FEBE can access. Instead of a cloud drive, you may also specify another directory on your main hard drive, an external hard drive, thumb drive or any location visible in Desktop > This PC.

  • For instance, my main backup directory is "C:\FEBE backups".
  • I have my Dropbox drive enabled in FEBE Options > Cloud Services > [Dropbox icon] in the local folder "C:\Users\cbake\Dropbox".
  • I have two additional backup locations set up in FEBE Options > Cloud Services > [Network drive icon] . The name "Google drive" is assigned to the location "C:\Users\CBaker\Google Drive\FEBE backups" and the name "External drive" is assigned to "E:\FEBE backups" (but I do not currently have them enabled).

So whenever I perform a backup, files are written to my backup destination directory and to my Dropbox drive.
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