FEBE 4.0.5 can't find results file to open it after backup

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FEBE 4.0.5 can't find results file to open it after backup

Postby mod_wastrel » Mon Apr 09, 2007 10:38 pm

Running Fx, was using FEBE 4.0.4--no apparent problem. Just installed FEBE 4.0.5, performed a backup, and it fails to find the FEBEresults.htm file. The file is there, but the extension seems to be trying to open the file and specifying backward slashes in the file path instead of forward slashes, which is what I get when I open the file manually.

Postby cbaker_admin » Tue Apr 10, 2007 3:31 pm

Interesting ... no changes were made to that part of the code in 4.0.5. Does an error popup or is generated in the error console? I don't specify slashes or backslashes in the URL (other than the initial "file:///") because the xpcom component takes care of that internally.

You mention that the file is created but not opened? What is the full URL? It should be the FEBE extension install directory, e.g., "... extensions/%7B4BBDD651-70CF-4821-84F8-2B918CF89CA3%7D/FEBEresults.html") BTW, the filename should be "FEBEresults.html" (not .htm). Do you have another profile you could test FEBE with? Perhaps you could create a new, clean profile with only FEBE installed for testing.

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Postby mod_wastrel » Tue Apr 10, 2007 6:14 pm

Curiouser and curiouser...

Basically, I was creating a new profile and FEBE was the last extension that I installed--to backup the newly installed, latest versions of the extensions for this new profile. I kicked off a backup, the little popup progress window opened... and never closed. A new tab opened with the "failed to find" message. After waiting a minute or so more, I canceled the progress window and went to the new tab; all of the slashes after 'file:///' were back-slashes instead of the usual forward-slashes; I went to the location (yes, in the extensions folder) to open the FEBEresults.html (yes, 'html' not 'htm' - pick, pick, pick :-)) file, which was there, and the actual backups were in the FEBE backup directory. I kicked off a second backup, and it had a different kind of error, but the progress window once again never completed/closed on its own.

Now, I just created another new profile with only FEBE and on another machine as well, and it's working fine there; so, that points to something weird going on with the first profile (which, as I said, is also newly created). I did run into a couple other conflicts with the new versions of a couple other extensions which may have created a bunch of weirdness (del.icio.us 1.5 doesn't like SearchBar autosizer 1.3.6 and McAfee SiteAdvisor doesn't like Gmail Manager so they step on them).

I'll back-track some more on the first machine with another new profile and see if I can locate where the anomaly gets introduced.

Thanks. I'll post another reply if I find anything useful.

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