CLEO Request: "Select All" functionality

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CLEO Request: "Select All" functionality

Postby nowinscenario » Sat Apr 28, 2007 9:23 pm

Please, Chuck, a "Select All" possibilty that works for adding extensions, et al, to CLEO would be a GREAT timesaver for those mutants of us approaching the 200-extensions mark (!). Certainly with a lot of extensions (whatever their ultimate number), it would be easier to select/add them all, then take out the ones deemed inappropriate for the purpose of that particular package. I just went to make a package of most of my extensions for a friend, but the the daunting task of adding them, ploddingly, one by one stopped me in my tracks (or, in this case, stopped me from going no further than with forlornly viewing the FEBE backup directory in the CLEO browse dialog box). :cry: Please be an enemy to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome! Less clicking and long live the mouse! :lol:


Postby cbaker_admin » Sun Apr 29, 2007 6:36 am


That's a good idea. I'll try to incorporate it into the next CLEO release.

Did you know that there is a method for selecting all in virtually any window that has a list of entries? (Not just a CLEO window, but any window) Simply select the first item by clicking on it once. Hold the shift key down while clicking the last item. All items will be selected. If you want to unselect an item in the list, press CTRL while clicking it. I know it works for Windows but not positive it works for *nix and Mac.

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