Firefox upgrades and FEBE user-defined backups

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Firefox upgrades and FEBE user-defined backups

Postby cbaker_admin » Mon Feb 11, 2008 4:23 pm

Apparently whenever Firefox releases an update, the folder name that contains your profile changes. This may change the pathnames for some user-defined backups you set up prior to upgrading. For instance, I had created a backup entry for FireFTP as:
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but after upgrading to the latest version of Firefox, the backup did not work. While researching the problem I discovered the 8 characters that precede the profile name (the "salt" value") changed after the upgrade and the FireFTP data now resided at
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If you have user-defined backup entries that point to your Firefox profile directory, you will experience the same problem. You will need to edit those items to get things working again.
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