How to manually restore your Firefox profile

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How to manually restore your Firefox profile

Postby cbaker_admin » Wed Apr 11, 2007 6:16 pm

How to manually restore your Firefox profile.

*** For a step-by-step tutorial on using FEBE to restore a profile, see FEBE 101 - Restoring a Firefox Profile. ***

FEBE cannot restore an active (in use) profile. If you only have one profile, FEBE cannot use that profile to restore itself. It must be done manually. If you want, you can create a new profile to restore into.

Basically, you just need to unzip your FEBE profile backup file into your Firefox profile directory.

Here’s what you’ll need:
  • A profile backup file created by FEBE. This file will be in your backup destination directory (as specified in FEBE options > Where to backup) and will be named “profile{profileName}.fbu where profileName is the name of the profile you want to restore. Examples: profile{Default}.fbu, profile{Chuck}.fbu.
  • A zip utility. Something like 7zip, Winzip, etc. Most systems have a zip/unzip utility already installed so you probably don’t need to worry about downloading one.
  • The location of your Firefox profiles directory.

    For Windows 7 users, it should be “C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\”
    For Linux and Mac it is usually "/home/[Username]/.mozilla/firefox" (There is no actual folder named "profiles")

    (More information on Firefox profile locations available here.)

Step by step instructions:
  1. Close Firefox if open.
  2. Browse to your backup destination directory.
  3. Rename your profile backup file to a zip file. Example: Rename “profileFx30.0{default}.fbu” to “profileFx30.0{default}.zip”.
  4. Open the renamed file and extract it to your Firefox profile folder. In your profiles folder you will see one or more individual profile folders named something like “pqf85hp8.default”, “y3f5nnr4.Chuck”, or "febeprof.Chuck". The first part of the name is a random string of characters (or "febeprof" if FEBE created the profile) and the last part is the name of the profile you want to restore. You want to extract the zip file into the individual profile directory. If asked, you do want to replace existing files during the extraction.

All done! Close everything and open Firefox. Your profile should be restored.


I am running Windows 7 with Firefox v30.0 and have only one Firefox profile. It is called “default”. When I run a FEBE full profile backup, a filed named “profileFx30.0{default}.fbu" is created in the backup destination directory (which is set to “C:\FEBE Backups” in FEBE Options > Where to backup.)

Firefox is currently running, so I close it.

Using Windows Explorer, I open my backup destination directory and notice the file named “profileFx30.0{default}.fbu". I right-click on the name and choose “Rename”. I change the name to “profileFx30.0{default}.zip”.

I double-click on the renamed file and it opens up with my zip utility. I click “Extract”. A popup window appears asking where I want to extract the contents. I navigate to “C:\Users\CBaker\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\pk5ehqvs.default”. I click “OK” and I get a warning about files already existing. I tell it to go ahead and replace the files.

I close the zip utility and open Firefox. My profile has been restored and everything looks and works as it did when I created the backup.

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