Troubleshooting Tips - Read before posting

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Troubleshooting Tips - Read before posting

Postby cbaker_admin » Sun Jan 22, 2012 10:44 am

Backup not completing/Progress window not closing
If you have just upgraded a FEBE major version (e.g., v7.x to v8.x), it is important that you clear FEBE preferences before attempting a backup (this step should also be done whenever the backup is not completing):

Go to Tools > FEBE > FEBE Options > Advanced > click "Clear FEBE preferences". This will remove all older version preferences and set the current preferences (options) to a default value. Firefox will automatically restart after clearing the preferences. You will need to specify a backup destination directory ('Where to backup' pane) and select backup type and options ('What to backup' pane) before attempting a backup.

Checking for FEBE errors
If the progress meter in the FEBE progress window is not moving or the percentage count is not incrementing when a backup is performing, an error has most likely occurred.

Open and clear the Browser (error) console (Tools > Web Developer > Browser Console or CTRL-Shift-J. Make sure at least the JS button is on (should have a non-white background - usually light blue)) . Minimize the error console and perform a backup. After a few seconds (when the progress meter stops moving) examine the error console for any FEBE related error messages (type febe in the "Filter output" box in the upper right of the error console. Select all/copy/paste (ctrl-A, ctrl-C, ctrl-V) them in a new post.

Run "Verify extension directory", "Check AddonManager functionality" and "Set read/write permissions in backup folder" in Tools > FEBE > FEBE Options >Advanced. Copy/paste any warning or errors in your post.

If you are seeing a FEBE related error in the Error console that mentions "febeTLBRbutton" you need to (at least temporarily) add the FEBE icon to your toolbar. (View > Toolbars > Customize... > drag and drop FEBE icon to somewhere on your toolbar)

Make sure that the FEBE Options window is not open during a backup. This is known to prevent scheduled backup from performing.

If you are getting a message that reads:

Code: Select all
A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.

Go to FEBE Options > Advanced > Miscellaneous > Advanced preferences > Chrome script timeout, and change the value to 60 (the default is 20).

If you still get the "Script is busy" warning, try this:

Set the FEBE Options > Advanced > Miscellaneous > Advanced preferences > Chrome script timeout to 0 (zero). This essentially turns off the time limit. Perform a backup and note the number of seconds it takes to complete the backup. (If it takes more than five minutes or if the progress bar in the FEBE progress window stops moving again, abort the backup -- It's not working.) Set the Chrome script timeout to the number of seconds the backup took plus 10. For example, if the backup took 90 seconds, enter 100.

Other troubleshooting links
Additional help may be found in Fixing invalid extension entries.

Fixing "Extension data lis still loading ..." message: Corrupt extension files


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