OPIE enhancements and bug fixes

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OPIE enhancements and bug fixes

Postby xarx » Tue Nov 16, 2010 2:54 am


1. I modified OPIE so that it also shows extensions installed globally. Even globally installed extensions have their local (=user) settings. And as I have most of my extensions installed globally, I was not able to export their settings.

2. Many posts here mention that "OPIE does not show any of my installed extensions". I found and fixed a bug in OPIE that was causing this behaviour in case OPIEedits.dat contained records for an extension that was no longer installed. There's still a bug left in OPIE that causes the same behaviour after a new extension has been installed but before Firefox was restarted.

You'll find my code changes in the attachments. These files are modified from OPIE version 1.2.3.

Now, there are only two things that I miss in OPIE:

3. Some extensions have part of their configuration in a separate directory(-ies) or file(-s), not in FF's user_prefs. I would appreciate if OPIE was extended so that these files and directories were backed-up along with the extension's prefs. Multiple paths are perhaps not necessary, a single path to export should be sufficient for most extensions.

4. I don't understand why OPIE uses OPIEedits.dat instead of putting the configuration into prefs? This is causing problems when OPIE is installed globally. Not mentioning that OPIE does not backup this file, which will be even more important if point 3. will be implemented.

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